Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Nordson MARCH Intros New Plasma System
Plasma treating system.
Concord, CA — Nordson MARCH, a Nordson Company (NASDAQ: NDSN), is introducing its new FlexTRAK-CDS Plasma System for high-throughput plasma treatment of strip-type electronic components. The compact machine provides highly uniform plasma treatment to lead frame strips, laminated substrates and other strip-type electronic components

The high-volume, compact platform with strip processing capabilities doubles the capacity and throughput of its predecessor, while consuming only 16 percent more floor area. The patented plasma chamber delivers a low cost of ownership, treating up to 10 strips per plasma cycle. The FlexTRAK-CDS system is designed for plasma treatment prior to die attach, wire bond, mold encapsulation, and underfill.

Plasma treatment removes contamination, etches surfaces to improve adhesion, and provides surface activation during electronics manufacturing. Surface activation by plasma treatment can enhance die attach, molding, wire bonding, and underfilling by enhancing fluid flow, eliminating voids, and increasing wicking speed. The plasma system's integrated strip handling system delivers rapid and reliable material transfer for a wide range of strip sizes. Processing can be done from most types of magazines and carriers. The patented chamber design and control system enable short plasma cycle times with low overhead, ensuring that throughput is maximized and cost of ownership is minimized. The chamber technology of the CDS platform is exactly the same as the CD platform, so transition to the new CDS platform is easy. The system occupies a compact footprint of 1119 x 1286mm (44 x 51-in.).

According to the company, the strip-handling ability of the FlexTRAK-CDS System offers tremendous flexibility for several applications in backend semiconductor and electronics manufacturing. The patented plasma technology in this popular platform, combined with the ability to handle strip-type components, answers customer requests for this new capability in plasma treatment.

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