Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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Indium Intros Error-Free Pb-Free Solder Paste
Ultra-fine pitch screen printing is no problem for new solder paste.
Utica, NY — Indium Corporation's Indium10.1 Solder Paste is a Pb-free halogen-containing solder paste with the lowest levels of voiding for QFNs, BGAs, and pads with large ground planes.

The oxidation-inhibiting properties of Indium10.1 promote resistance to head-in-pillow and graping, with complete coalescence, even after long reflow profiles. The exceptional soldering ability of this solder paste makes it the best solution for components with less-than-ideal solderability and challenging RF shield metalizations.

The new solder paste enables the lowest cost of ownership to PCB assembly manufacturers through an all-around balanced performance in both high print and soldering yields. It provides a versatile, well-balanced set of properties with best-in-class printing and soldering performance. It provides exceptional print definition and transfer efficiency, low voiding performance, and resists head-in-pillow and graping.

The new solder paste becomes part of the company's family of high performance, lead-free solder pastes. The series was designed to provide multi-faceted performance characteristics, bringing the right balance of solder paste attributes tailored specifically to each specific manufacturing process. Each paste in the series was developed to optimize print performance and mitigate common defects faced by manufacturers of personal electronics.

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