Thursday, April 19, 2018
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Henkel Develops New Encapsulants
Encapsulants provide solder joint protection.
Irvine, CA — The Electronics Group of Henkel has developed and made commercially available three new encapsulant materials that offer exceptional protection for modern devices. Loctite Eccobond EN 3810T and Loctite Eccobond EN 3838T are novel encapsulant formulations that can be selectively applied to environmentally-susceptible components, delivering a barrier that is impervious to moisture and fluids. Both materials are suitable for handheld and automotive applications where exposure to various liquids, chemicals and fluids is common and potentially detrimental.

The encapsulants cure quickly at moderate temperature, are well-suited for high-volume manufacturing operations with unusual rheologies conducive to jet dispensing.

Loctite Eccobond EN 3810T is a non-flexible material and Loctite Eccobond EN 3838T is a flexible, low Tg encapsulant. When evaluated in temperature/humidity/bias testing, both materials enabled physical protection and stable electronic performance of the encapsulated components.

The company has also brought to market a new encapsulant material that has proven very effective for certain automotive and handheld applications. Specifically, Loctite Eccobond UV 9052 has shown excellent results with automotive camera modules. Used to seal the lens assembly to the camera body, the fast UV cure mechanism of the material enables active alignment whereby the lens is aligned and the material cure secures the lens in place. Loctite Eccobond UV 9052 also has excellent fluid resistance, which offers improved reliability for safety-critical automotive cameras. In addition to camera lens assembly, the new material is being used successfully in handheld and medical applications where it protects chip-caps in sensitive areas from moisture.

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