Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Sensirion Liquid Flow Sensor Flies to Space Station
New liquid flow sensor will provide experimental data at International Space Station.
Staefa, Switzerland — The latest supply rocket to the International Space Station (ISS) carried a liquid flow sensor from Sensirion AG. The sensor is part of a research project by Minnehaha Academy in Minnesota that is investigating the impact of microgravity on the effectiveness of liquid flow. Among other potential findings, the project aims to shed light on the effects of weightlessness on the circulatory system. The LS16 liquid flow sensor from Sensirion on board the ISS will measure the flow of demineralized water generated by a piezoelectric pump in zero gravity, and compare the results with those of a control experiment on earth. Numerous applications in fluid dynamics, physics, biology and hemodynamics (the forces involved in the circulation of blood) will benefit from these findings. The LS16 liquid flow sensor had to be modified for the launch; to ensure that the sensor could withstand the enormous forces during lift-off, Sensirion's development team replaced the capillary glass tubes with robust capillary steel tubes.

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