Saturday, June 23, 2018
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ULT AG introduces next Generation Filtration and Extraction System LAS 260
ULT AG introduces LAS 260, a new system for extracting and filtering harmful particles at small lasers, laser marking and ultra-short pulse laser processing. The system provides safety for automated and semi-automated production processes to be utilized as stand-alone or inline solution.

The ideally designed filtering system guarantees significantly increased stand life. The filter’s large storage capacity provides fewer downtime and reduced maintenance and operating costs. This is achieved through the utilization of an F9 particle filter cassette as extensive prefilter and a combinational filter cassette H14/A10 as particle and adsorption filter. A filtration efficiency for fine dust (DIN EN 779) and suspended solids (DIN EN 1822) up to 99,995 % as well as gases, vapours and odours is now possible.

The LAS 260 new design allows easy and quick filter exchange, avoiding complicated module change via a front panel door. Furthermore, the system is universally and flexibly applicable to various work situations. Additional benefits are a low-contamination filter handling, stepless adjustment of airflow and an extraordinary price-performance-ratio. The trouble-free change between air inlet and outlet is also possible.

LAS 260 suits perfectly for extraction and filtration tasks at laser marking, laser processing, laser cutting and additional processes in electronics production, plastics processing, automotive and photovoltaic industries as well as metalworking.

The system was completely developed and produced in Germany, provided within the frame of the well-proven service of the ULT AG and its international distribution partners.

 About ULT AG:

Founded in 1994, the ULT AG is a leading vendor of high efficiency industrial air filtration systems and dust collectors. The broad range of equipment is designed for use in many industries such as medical, pharmaceutical, electronic and general manufacturing, covering a wide range of applications. The product range offers standard products as well as custom built units for special applications. ULT has recently about 60 employees and provides customers in Europe, Asia, North America and Australia with extraction and filtration systems for solder, laser and welding processes as well as onsite services. The company has been DIN EN ISO 9001 certified for more than 15 years.

Additional information on ULT and its products can be found online at

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