Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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ISVI Corp. announces distribution partnership with Virtech Labs for the Hungarian machine vision market
OXFORD, CT -   ISVI Corp. has announced the signing of a distribution agreement with Virtech Labs Bt. to promote and sell its high-speed, high-resolution cameras to the Hungarian machine vision market.  

“The Hungarian machine vision market is a growing market and we welcome the opportunity to work with Virtech Labs to expand that market at a more rapid pace”, said Gerard White, Vice President of International Operations at ISVI. “Virtech Labs, as part of the very successful Dolphio Technologies group of companies, is the vision component distribution arm of this leading R&D group. This puts Virtech Labs in a unique position to put our high-end cameras at the forefront of cutting-edge machine vision development projects in Hungary.”

"We mostly use high-end components in our R&D projects, and we gladly recommend the best ones to our partners. Products of ISVI Corp. are a great choice for several upcoming Hungarian machine vision development projects." said Janos Rovnyai, CEO of Dolphio Technologies.

About ISVI Corp.

ISVI designs, produces and sells innovative machine vision cameras combining high-speed and high-resolution sensors with CoaXPress and Camera Link interfaces for a wide range of high-end machine vision camera applications such as AOI, SPI, microscopy, factory automation, robotics, biomedical, defense and more. Customers include OEMs, system integrators, researchers, and developers. For further information, please visit www.isvi-corp.com.

About Virtech Labs and Dolphio Technologies

Dolphio Technologies uses its' experience with machine vision products to help clients who seek efficient help or a complex solution for their uniqe problem. Virtech Labs is part of Dolphio Technologies group. It distributes machine vision components since 2011. For further information, please visit www.dolphio.hu/ and http://www.gepilatas.hu/

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