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Viscom celebrates its anniversary: 30 years of inspection – 30 years of success

Hanover, April 2014 – Viscom, one of the leading manufacturers of systems for optical and X-ray inspection, will celebrate its 30th anniversary in October. Since its founding in 1984, the company has produced systems for automatic inspection at its Hanover location. Viscom focuses on the electronics industry, which it supplies with automatic optical inspection (AOI), solder paste inspection (SPI), as well as automatic and manual X-ray inspection (AXI and MXI) for SMT production.

For 30 years now, we have been setting standards for inspection technology, innovation, precision and reliability,” says Volker Pape, of the Viscom executive board. “Proof of this are the many customers worldwide who rely every day on inspection systems from Viscom when producing electronic assemblies.”

The final products are used in almost all industries. One focus is the electronics and automotive industries, with their high demands for quality. Customers from aviation and aerospace technology, as well as medical technology and industrial electronics also rely on Viscom. More and more EMS customers and OEM manufacturers from the 3C areas (consumer, communication and computer) also value Viscom’s high quality.

It all began when Volker Pape and Martin Heuser founded Viscom as a start-up for industrial image processing. They still manage the company today, together with Dirk Schwingel. The partnership with two employees has grown into a high-tech company with several hundred employees, branches in Asia, North America, Europe and even North Africa, as well as application centers, service support points and sales offices around the world.

From the start, we have developed custom-specific image processing systems and software, sometimes for exotic projects, such as solutions for centering tree trunks or for film analysis,” says Volker Pape. “But our core business included inspection of electronic assemblies from the beginning and still predominates our operations today. Here, we are one of the top suppliers worldwide, and one of the few manufacturers to cover almost all areas of inspection, including X-ray technology (AXI).”

With comprehensive know-how in the areas of camera technology, analysis and evaluation software, parts handling and process control, Viscom’s highly qualified team of engineers develops powerful inspection systems. Comprehensive know-how in optical camera technology, X-ray technology as well as UV and laser technology allows achievement of optimal solutions – aligned with customer requirements and developments in production.

The technological highlights of previous years included the X7056 automatic X-ray inspection system, the XM camera module – one of the fastest 3D-AOI modules in the market – and intelligent software for operation and process control.

Viscom AG

Viscom AG develops, manufactures and sells high-quality inspection systems. The portfolio encompasses the complete bandwidth of optical and X-ray inspections. In the area of assembly inspection for electronics manufacturing, the company is among the leading suppliers worldwide. Viscom systems can be configured specific to the customer and can be interlinked. The company headquarters and manufacturing location is in Hanover, Germany. With a wide network of branches, applications centers, service support points, and representatives, Viscom is represented internationally. Founded in 1984, since 2006 Viscom has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN: DE0007846867). For additional information:

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