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PARMI Appoints Southwest Systems Technology

MARLBORO, MA ― May 2014 ― With more than 2,500 installations PARMI, a world leader in 3-dimensional inspection of printed solder paste on PCBs, announces that it has appointed Southwest Systems Technology as its manufacturers’ representative throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Jeff Mogensen, General Manager, PARMI Americas’, commented: “We are very pleased to team with Dee and his team to add value to our customers’ business. Improving efficiency, solving problems and improving our customers’ profitability is what it is all about. Dee’s relationships within our industry will provide many opportunities to help our customers achieve their goals.”

Southwest Systems Technology has a strong reputation in both the electronic and semiconductor manufacturing industries. The company sells capital equipment and materials, and its sales engineers are trained in the latest industry processes and technologies. Dee Claybrook, President/CEO of Southwest Systems, commented: “We are very excited to work with the technology and expertise that PARMI delivers. PARMI has innovative market-driven solutions that will benefit our customers in their drive to greater efficiency and productivity.”


Founded in 1989, Southwest Systems Technology has offices and demonstration facilities in Dallas, Austin, El Paso, McAllen, and Guadalajara, Mexico. Southwest Systems’ philosophy is to technically present the myriad of products it represents in a thorough and professional manner; proficiently and with discerning sophistication.

Southwest Systems Technology will represent PARMI’s full line of 3-D SPI equipment. For more information about Southwest Systems’ products and services, contact Dee Claybrook at 972-881-8006 or on the Web at

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PARMI is a manufacturer specialized in Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) equipment is used to improve print quality and yield in SMT production lines. Through the company’s 10 years of experience and specialized in-house expertise in laser measurement, software development and solder paste screen printing ,PARMI is a global leader in solder paste inspection. For more information, visit

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