Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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MICTOR? Multi-Conductor Assemblies Minimize Impedance Mismatches
SCOTTSDALE, AZ – High Speed Interconnects (www.highspeedint.com), a custom high performance cable assembly manufacturer, is introducing their MICTOR™ Multi-Conductor Cable Assemblies. These cables are precisely impedance-matched to 50-Ohm impedance (100 Ohms in differential pairs) to achieve high performance and proven reliability in lengths and configurations that ideally match a customer’s requirements. Constructed with high-quality dielectric materials and high-purity conductive metals, these ribbonized cables feature tightly controlled, consistent impedance throughout the connectors, cables, and interconnections, resulting in excellent signal-integrity (SI) characteristics and optimum bit-error-rate (BER) performance in highspeed digital systems.
MICTOR Multi-Conductor Cable Assemblies are based on 34 AWG through 38 AWG gauge cables and available in 0.5- and 0.8-mm pitch versions. These ribbonized multiple-conductor cable assemblies benefit from High Speed Interconnects’ advanced VP90 expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) dielectric materials for outstanding electrical performance. These cable assemblies can be formed with plug- or receptacle-type connectors, in right-angle or vertical-mount configurations. These multi-conductor cable assemblies offer improved performance and ease of installation in a variety of different applications, including in high-performance computer servers and networks, wired and wireless telecommunications systems, and high-performance test equipment.
To customize and get pricing on your next MICTOR cable assembly, use their Mictor Blue Ribbon™ Builder at http://www.highspeedint.com/ribbonized/
About High Speed Interconnects
High Speed Interconnects (HSI) is a designer, extruder, and manufacturer of custom micro coaxial and coaxial cable assemblies. Headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, and with facilities in Portland, OR and Modesto, CA, HSI is one of a few manufacturers extruding its own high-performance coaxial cable and expanded PTFE (VP90). HSI’s low-loss, low-capacitance, phase-stable, coaxial interconnect solutions are available in a variety of cable
constructions. These constructions include circular and micro coaxial cable assemblies down to 0.3 mm pitch and fine wire, direct-to-board assemblies down to 0.175 mm.
For more information, visit www.highspeedint.com.

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