Monday, June 18, 2018
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DownStream Releases DFMStream Version 11
MARLBOROUGH, MA - DownStream Technologies, LLC has announced the release of the latest version of their industry-leading design for manufacturing solution, DFMStream®. The release includes many new features and performance improvements and greatly enhances the support provided to the new product introduction (NPI) process.

For this release, DownStream worked closely with a number of their largest Fortune 500 customers to define the level of analysis required to reliably bring a new product to market. The result is a DFM analysis solution that provides the same functional depth as offerings from Mentor Graphics, Adiva, and others, but with added benefit of a low-cost of ownership and extreme ease-of-use. "Corporate PCB design teams can compare DFMStream against other competitive offerings and quickly see DFMStream provides a "no-compromise" solution that is easily deployed across the entire PCB engineering organization," said Rick Almeida, one of DownStream's founders.

DFMStream Version 11 Highlights
DFMStream 11.0 introduces over 70 additional DFM analysis checks to support both the PCB fabrication and assembly processes. The analysis expansion was designed to satisfy requirements for advanced vias, back drilling, fine pitch SMD components, tighter tolerances for solder and paste masks and other advanced technologies. Designs with advanced via types can be analyzed for minimum clearances to specific via types. For example, pads and traces can be analyzed for adjacency to laser vias independent of blind or buried vias and other such advanced design constructs. Paste mask can be assessed as a ratio of pad area coverage. Drill depth can be assessed as a ratio of board thickness.

DFMStream allows the user to add design intelligence to Gerber and NC files by assigning Gerber/drill elements unique properties such as laser via, blind and buried via, back drill and so on. Once identified, advanced DFM analysis can be performed specific to the type of construct.

DownStream is also making their DFM analysis capability available as an upgrade to the existing CAM350 installed base. Current customers can add the DFM option to their CAM350 configurations to realize the benefits of intelligent, low cost manufacturing analysis before committing to PCB fabrication.

"Our strategy with DFMStream and DFM analysis in general is to ensure that all our customers can take advantage of this technology," Almedia said. "As design complexities increase, the need for advanced manufacturing analysis while the design is still in the engineering phase of the product life cycle becomes vital,' he added.

DFMStream V.11 marks the 3rd major release of the product since its introduction into the market in 2012. DFMStream is the first high-end DFM product specifically targeted at the mainstream PCB design market, where low-cost of ownership and product usability are paramount.

In addition to the release of DFMStream Version 11, DownStream also has released of new versions of their other industry-leading solutions, CAM350® and BluePrint-PCB®. These releases include many new features and improvements designed to help users post-process PCB designs and create and distribute all the deliverables required for a complete PCB manufacturing and assembly release package.

"Advancements in PCB design and manufacturing technology are happening everyday. As these advancements become mainstream, our products must keep pace in order for our customers to benefit," said Almeida.

CAM350 Version 11 Highlights
CAM350 11.0 offers multi-board panel design to create complex PCB panels with one or many images of several different PCB's. This allows increased maximization of PCB material and reduces the average cost per PCB unit. Board images can be rotated and nested to utilize available panel area.

CAM350 11.0 offers a multi-board panel wizard to quickly and easily array any number of PCB designs onto a standard PCB panel size. Simply merge the designs to be arrayed into CAM350, set a few basic parameters including an allowance for acceptable material waste and CAM350 offers multiple optimized panel array patterns. User can review each pattern and choose the most efficient.

BluePrint-PCB Version 4 Highlights
Via Stackup details can be customized to a user's specific requirement. Via presentations can be shown conical or cylindrical. Partial vias can also be organized in a common vertical plane.

Support for IPC-2581 revision B is introduced including void support in contours, enhanced layer stackup content, hollow and mesh hatch fills, line styles and component outlines.

Availability and Pricing
DFMStream V.11, CAM350 V.11 and BluePrint-PCB V.11 are available immediately and are provided at no additional charge to all existing customers with a valid maintenance agreement. Actual content will vary based on end-users configuration. DFMStream V.11 pricing starts at $5,500 USD, CAM350 V.11 pricing starts at $500.00 USD and BluePrint-PCB 4 pricing starts at $2,500.00 USD.

For more information log onto, email or contact a DownStream local Value Added Reseller (VAR).

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