Friday, April 27, 2018
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Saline Lectronics Completes Installation of Factory-wide Traceability from Cogiscan

Mario Sciberras, President – Saline Lectronics, Eric Hassen, VP and General Manager – Saline Lectronics, Mitch DeCaire, Americas’ Sales Manager – Cogiscan,  Scott Sober, VP of Quality and Continuous Improvements – Saline Lectronics, Dave Trail, President – Horizon Sales, William Baker, Director of Operations) – Saline Lectronics, Davina McDonnell, Director of Marketing – Saline Lectronics, Jason Sciberras, Manufacturing Manager, Saline Lectronics

―  Saline Lectronics, Inc., a leading domestic contract manufacturer, announces that it has officially implemented Cogiscan’s Track, Trace and Control (TTC) system. The system further enhances Saline’s current traceability program by monitoring the complete lifecycle of a product through manufacturing. Saline’s customers that utilize TTC will have access to real-time data of work-in-progress, verification of quality processes and production flow as well as a thorough history of the assembly process in case of a recall. 

Bill Baker, Saline Lectronics’ Director of Operations, commented: “Until now, we have provided our customers with a reliable, accurate and ISO 13485 certified component traceability process. However, with the new TTC System we have taken our traceability process to a whole new level. The traceability system allows us to provide component traceability all the way down to the reference designator level for each serial number of a PCB assembly that we manufacture. I believe that the utilization of this traceability program will be a key factor in our continued growth within the medical, military and aerospace markets.”

The new software and hardware system is installed at every operation in Saline’s 110,000 ft2 manufacturing facility. Using the Juki platform, the TTC system integrates perfectly with two Juki high-speed lines that are equipped with smart feeders, automatically verifying that all of the required SMT components are loaded for each job. Post-SMT, TTC is operating at all five AOI machines, keeping track of any defects and using automated processes to route any defective boards to repair. Built-in verifications will prevent any defective boards from progressing in operation unless they have cleared in the system by going through repair and AOI for re-verification. In subsequent hand operations, TTC will continue to track anything and everything performed on a circuit board assembly – including the type of components installed, the operator performing the installation, the time spent in each job process, and the test report data.  Each step supports a built-in alarm system that acts as a type of checks and balances to help eliminate human error.   

Cogiscan’s Quality Data Collection and Repair Management enables Saline to harvest critical inspection and test result data for each PCB, while ensuring that any failed unit is successfully repaired before it reaches the end customer. This, in turn, provides Saline’s customers with assured product quality, along with traceability records that prove that every single product went through all required test and inspection steps.

“The Cogiscan TTC system at Saline exemplifies their commitment to exceptional customer service. This system will benefit their customers in many ways including improved delivery resulting from real-time visibility and material control, to increased quality through process validation and traceability. Cogiscan is honored to serve as Saline’s partner in support of these initiatives,” commented Mitch DeCaire, Cogiscan Sales Manager for the Americas.     

Dave Trail, President of Horizon Sales, commented, “Saline Lectronics has taken a major step forward by being one of the first in the Midwest to offer a full track, trace, and control system to their customer base. The advanced RFID technology and systematic approach that is used in the Cogiscan system will allow Saline to approach nearly any customer in nearly any industry. Additionally, it will assure prospective customers that Saline’s manufacturing processes and material flow will absolutely be followed and maintained to the highest quality and traceable standards in the electronic manufacturing Industry.”

As a solutions provider, Saline Lectronics provides the latest manufacturing expertise including THT, SMT, BGA, microBGA and different bottom terminated component capabilities, as well as other challenging mixed-technology assemblies.

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