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SolderStar Ready to Highlight its Latest Technology at SMT Hybrid Packaging Exhibition

LANCASHIRE, UK - SolderStar Ltd, a world leading specialist manufacturer in the design and development of thermal profiling equipment for the lead-free electronics industry, has announced that it will highlight its latest line-up of tools for all aspects of reflow techniques at SMT Hybrid Packaging 2014 in Nuremberg, Germany from 6 – 8th May 2014.

The most advanced solution that will be presented by SolderStar is the new and pioneering Automatic Profiling System (APS). APS is a full time system for profiling each and every PCB soldered in a convection reflow oven. Every system is tailored for, and fitted to a customer’s oven so their requirements are met precisely. Special temperature probes are mounted along the heated length on both sides of the machine to monitor actual product level temperatures in real time. In addition to this, the system keeps track of the current speed and position of each assembly in the process. The APS system allows 100% checking of temperature profiles, an automatic analysis of the profile, and checking of production parameters against production limits. The computer software tracks the progress of the PCB through the oven allowing for the most accurate calculation of the profile seen at product level.

Mark Stansfield, managing director at SolderStar Ltd said: “The new APS has recently been re-engineered so the temperature probes are smaller, allowing them to be positioned closer to the PCB providing a much more accurate temperature measurement in the vicinity of the electronic assembly during soldering. The smaller size also reduces the danger of the probe shadowing the product, and because there is bar code integration it allows the profiles in the database to be tied to a specific PCB produced, ensuring 100% traceability. APS also includes a sophisticated computer algorithm which uses a reference profile, captured once from a traditional profiling system along with live readings from the process, to calculate a mathematical profile for each PCB exiting the oven. The algorithm used by the software to produce this profile from the live readings and reference profile has been modified based on the input of a leading mathematician to yield more accurate results.

“The SMT Hybrid Packaging show will give us the opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of the APS as well as other new products in our portfolio, including the SolderStar OvenProbe, which offers performance measurement on conventional reflow ovens, and is designed to be used after machine maintenance to benchmark a machines thermal transfer performance.”

SolderStar will present a range of its thermal profiling equipment, accessories and software, at SMT Hybrid Packaging. As well as the APS and OvenProbe systems, conventional reflow and VP product profilers will be demonstrated. There will also be soldering accessories like the DeltaProbe, which removes the need to use fragile test boards for periodic profiling required for ongoing control of the reflow process on the stand.

SolderStar will be in Hall 9 stand 323.

If you would like further information or to arrange a consultation at the show contact Solderstar on +44 (0)7939527249.

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