Thursday, April 19, 2018
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Storagesolutions Partners with Juki Japan
CREAZZO (VI) ―  Storagesolutions, a division of ESSEGI SYSTEM SERVICE s.r.l., announced that it has signed an agreement with Juki Automation Systems Corporation. Under the agreement, Juki will distribute Storagesolutions’ intelligent storage systems throughout Japan and other countries in Asia.

“The timing to collaborate with Juki in Japan could not be better,” said Matteo Padoan, ESSEGI SYSTEM SERVICE.  “After the incredible results we have had in the US and Europe in the last year-and-a-half cooperation, it is now time to expand our partnership in the Asian market. This amalgamation offers our customers the chance to possess a completely closed and swift material flow system within production. The new Intelligent Storage Management (ISM) system elevates the component availability to new dimensions; powerful integrated software that is intelligent and reasonably priced.”

Until recently, Juki’s main business focus has been on pick-and-place equipment,” said Mr Taguchi, Juki Coporation. “With the recent joint venture with Sony Corp SMT business, Juki has expanded its business to include the entire SMT assembly line and related equipment. This includes screen printers, inspection machines (AOI, SPI and conformal coating) as well as related products such as the ESSEGI component storage towers.  ESSEGI has been selling intelligent Ssorage systems for many years in Europe and other countries. The partnership with ESSEGI will allow Juki to expand the “complete line solutions” concept even further and provide a distribution channel for ESSEGI in Japan and Asia.

Juki manufactures high quality SMT placement systems for use in the electronics manufacturing industry and now represents the ISM2000, ISM1100, ISM500 and ISM400 component storage systems that are manufactured by Storagesolutions. Renowned for producing reliable, flexible placement equipment that is very easy to use and maintain, Juki has recently emerged as a significant player in the high-speed market. For more information about Juki, visit

Storagesolutions offers a complete line of ISM automatic and intelligent component storage systems. All ISM intelligent static warehouses can be configured with the humidity control module. Thus, it is possible to control and monitor humidity, and to maintain an internal environment with humidity of less than five percent. Additionally, with the AutoSMD Software, the systems can trace all component movements and automatically calculate the exposure time beyond the limits, notifying the operator and blocking the component if the maximum limit is exceeded.

For more information about Storagesolutions, visit

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