Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Aries Intros Gold Coating for Probes
Gold coating protects probes.
Bristol, PA — Aries Electronics, a manufacturer of standard, programmed and custom interconnection products, burn-in and test sockets used worldwide, has introduced its unusual Protect-A Probe anti-diffusion, gold coating for its complete line of burn-in and test socket spring probes.

The Protect-A Probe coating is designed to lessen or eliminate the need for probe cleaning, by applying its proprietary, anti-diffusion, gold coating onto the probe before assembly. This coating, once applied, acts like a "Teflon" barrier preventing solder and other debris from adhering to the probe tip. This lessens or eliminates cleaning, which reduces downtime and increases throughput.

When used in HAST, HTOL or standard burn-in applications, this can prevent the IC solder balls/bumps from "sticking" to the probe causing damage to the IC and/or socket. When used in test (including RF) applications, a probe that stays cleaner, longer, will yield more consistent contact resistance (CRes) readings over a longer period of time. This saves time and money.

This coating has been tested in a socket with an IC which had SAC405 balls on 0.35mm pitch for over 1500 hours at 150°C. No debris or IC or socket damage was noticed.

This coating is now available for the Aries's complete line of spring-probe, standard and custom test and Burn-in Sockets as well as the complete line of spring-probe based RF Test sockets.

Contact: Aries Electronics Inc., 2609 Bartram Rd, Bristol, PA 19007-6810 215-781-9956 fax: 215-781-9845 E-mail: Web:

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