Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Microswitches Get New Certification
Microswitches with various actuators.
Vouvry, Switzerland — Microprecision Electronics SA has received a new certification "UL 61058" for its snap-action microswitches. UL introduced the new norm to test appliance switches (previously under UL1054). By mid-2015 new products will all have to comply to UL61058.

The microswitch size family is now also compliant to this new norm. The products are certified for a power rating of up to 15A/250VAC. The family of microswitch products consists of the MP40 as a non-sealed product, the MP110 as a sealed switch with quick connects and the fully potted MP200.

A protective cover can be added to the MP40 to prevent accidental contact with exposed wires. A protective terminal cover with its field wiring kit for the MP110 gives IP64 protection; for a IP67 protection a sealed socket with potted cable is also available. Lastly, the fully sealed MP200 covers IP67 as well as IP68 protection.

All products can operate under environmental temperatures between -40 up to +125°C depending on the cable that is selected to use. The customer can choose between wide ranges of standard actuators. The possibility to customize actuators, actuating force, contact gap or cable material and length make this an exceptional solution for industrial applications.

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