Thursday, April 19, 2018
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Mek Launches AOI Products
New AOI systems..
Oirschot, The Netherlands — The Mek SpectorBOX is designed to accommodate solder frames on return and/or feed conveyors. SpectorBOX offers bottom side, top side or simultaneous dual side inspection replacing traditional board flipping alternatives in less space and at lower cost. With its totally new mechanical platform, it is the only modular AOI in the market that can be equipped with 9 cameras, including an optional Z-axis movable head to precisely position and focus for varying PCB distance and warpage. With its general purpose I/O, SpectorBOX can be simply interfaced with existing or new conveyor systems.

The Mek PowerSpector 350 desktop AOI with FDAz inspection head, enables 9 camera AOI with Tilt-Shift and Telecentric optics with automatic Z-axis. 8 Side cameras in 10µ resolution with Tilt-Shift optics technology — familiar in architectural photography — reduce image distortion to enable the best capture possible. A moveable head in Z-Axis brings objects into optimal focus and position, independent of PCB thickness or warping. This combination with the HD 18.75µ or 10µ resolution top camera with Telecentric optics and multiplexed 8x CameraLink side camera technology, generate an extraordinary level of defect visibility. At the beginning of March 2014, the company opened US offices in Las Vegas.

Contact: MEK Europe BV, PO Box 12, 5688 ZG Oirschot, The Netherlands +31 40 71 14 111 E-mail: Web: or Mek Americas LLC, 5550 Painted Mirage Rd., Suite 320, Las Vegas, NV 89149 702-818-1706 E-mail:

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