Saturday, April 21, 2018
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Libra Installs Triton MIL Electronic Cleaner
Triton cleaner upgrades available services.
Mentor, OH — Libra Industries, a privately held electronics manufacturing services provider, has installed a Trek Triton MIL Series Electronic Cleaner from Stoelting. The inline aqueous cleaning system for chemistry applications is well suited for electronics assembly cleaning.

The system uses polypropylene construction and various belt sizes available. The Uni-pass conveyor reduces tank contamination and the chemical isolation section conserves the chemistry and reduces cross-contamination. In addition, the Liquid Lock cleaning technology reduces consumption of cleaning solution and power, providing both energy and cost savings.

Libra will benefit from up to 75 percent power and chemistry savings as a result of the environmentally conscious Liquid Lock cleaning technology. The curtain containment system "locks" atomized spray in the wash chamber, eliminating the number one cause of chemical solution loss (atomized spray mist exhaust). In addition to locking in the vapor, Liquid Lock locks in the heat.

The recent investment will enable Libra Industries to continue to provide customized manufacturing solutions to help make its customers more competitive.

Contact: Libra Industries, 7770 Division Drive, Mentor, OH 44060 800-825-1674 or 440-974-7770 fax: 440-974-7779 E-mail: Web:

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