Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Hitachi Intros 4mm Emboss Taping Feeder
4mm-wide tape feeders.
Dallas, TX — New from Hitachi is a feeder designed for 4mm wide tape-and-reel feeding to its Sigma Series modular mounters. The GT-24040 (4 X 1mm) is a dual-tape feeder and processes 4mm wide embossed tape used for 0402mm (01005) and 0603mm (0201) parts. According to the company, the GT-24040 is a greener solution overall. It has the ability to pick chips from 4mm-wide tape instead of 8mm tape — greatly reducing waste. Dust remediation is also a major advantage of the GT-24040; there's less dust generated from packaging materials, the pocket, and less dust under the tape cut. There's less static electricity when peeling, and less moisture influence to the pocket. HTA's new self-loading SL-Feeders, "splice-less" 8mm feeders that eliminate production interruptions once required for reel splicing, and other innovative product developments.

Contact: Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc., P.O. Box 612208, Dallas, TX 75261-2208 972-615-9000 Web:

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