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Tresky's Manual and Automatic Systems Support Microelectronics Assembly
Model T-4909 is a low-cost manual die bonder that can be equipped with a full 360° rotatable tool spindle.

Tresky AG provides a wide range of products for designing and manufacturing microelectronic circuits, including working with wafers and printed-circuit boards (PCBs). These products range from manual equipment to fully automatic die bonders. Based in Switzerland, and with offices in Germany and the United States, Tresky is a global solutions provider for microelectronics industries. The company strives to meet all customer requirements, from development in a laboratory to production of pilot and small production runs.

The firm has been working to perfect pick-and-place equipment for more than 30 years, and offers extensive experience and modular solutions to meet most customers' needs. Tresky supports a wide range of applications, from manual to automatic in nature. In addition, with many of its systems installed around the world, often quite specialized and customized, the company relies on a fast and flexible team of professionals to meet customers' needs for complex process requirements.

Tresky's offerings include solutions for fully automatic die bonding, such as its T-6000 and T-8000 systems. The company's expertise and modular design approaches provide a variety of solutions for different customer applications. In support of its many different systems, with wide ranges of options, the company offers worldwide service and support in all major marketplaces.
The T-3002-M is a manual high-precision die bonder with wafer pickup to 8 in.

The company is perhaps best known for its user-friendly, precise, and reliable die bonders. Its initial manual pick-and-place machines were pioneers in enabling practical microcircuit design and assembly. The company currently has more than 1,300 installations worldwide, driving product diversification in the microelectronics market segment, continuously driving product diversification.

Product Overview
The company, with its wide range of manual and automatic products, focuses on what it calls "True Vertical Technology." This is technology that provides the following:

  • The bond axis is vertical to the work table, so that a chip for attachment is always parallel to the substrate, resulting in high accuracy of parallelism.
  • Its systems provide active force measurements, independent of Z height. This means that the force is always measured, i.e., variations in the thickness of chip and/or substrate will not affect the parallelism or the bonding force.
  • In its systems, the "bond line thickness," i.e., the adhesive layer, can be accurately defined by measuring the chip and substrate thickness.
  • The large Z-stroke also makes it possible to bond into deep cavities.
  • Its systems are ideal for three-dimensional (3D) stacking.

As an example of these systems, model T-4909 is a low-cost manual die bonder with an air-bearing table and integrated, fully programmable microprocessor. Equipped with the firm's True Vertical Technology and a 360° rotatable tool spindle, the T-4909 system is suitable for research and development (R&D) applications. Because of its ease of use, the machine is also well suited for smaller production runs.

The manual, high-precision die bonder T-3002-M uses the company's patented die ejector for handling wafers as large as 8-in. (203mm) diameter and is equipped with True Vertical Technology as well as a 360° rotating tool spindle. The machine's modularity makes it compatible with most of the company's options. In addition, it is suitable for small and medium production, while also providing both a high degree of ergonomics and high reliability.

Manual model T-3002-FCS is an all-purpose die bonder with motorized Z-axis and the firm's True Vertical Technology. The T-3002-FC3 is based on a modular concept and can be adapted to a wide range of applications by means of optional modules. The machine is particularly well suited for development applications and smaller production runs. The die-bonder is available in two basic configurations: model T-3000-FC3 without a wafer table and model T-3002-FC3 with the unusual Tresky die ejector for wafers as large as 8-in. diameter.

The newly developed high-force (HF) module for the FC3 die bonder series, which already has been successfully used by customers, expands the bond force range to 50kg. The ingenious system, in combination with True Vertical Technology, allows for no force to be applied to the main frame structure while maintaining parallelism and accuracy.

The T-6000 system offers fully automatic placement with the additional capability of manual assembly without complex programming. Many existing options, such as a table for wafers as large as 8-in. diameter, die flipper, stamp unit, or efficient heating systems for eutectic and thermo-compression applications, are also available for the T-6000 system.

The T-8000 system is a result of the company's continuous development. The built-in granite base, equipped with linear motors and high-resolution direct measurement systems, provide the T-8000 with high speed and accuracy. In addition, the machine is characterized by a large working area of 500 x 400mm with a 12-in. wafer table. A novel eutectic bonding head with integrated tilt adjustment allows automatic switching of heated tool tips without influencing the parallelism. The robust Z-axis, also with direct measuring system, can apply a maximum bonding force of 10kg. The T-8000 is compatible with the many existing options, making it optimally adapted to a variety of applications.


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