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New Concept Technology Achieves Rapid Success From Humble Start

In 1985, New Concept Technology was only a dream in the mind of fresh-faced young man. He had a wife and three children, and had just received his certification as a Tool & Die Maker. In this country, however, dreams conceived in a back room, or garage, or basement can drive entrepreneurs with vision, who are capable of turning those dreams into realities.

One year later, this young man, Tom Baughman, would forge a lasting partnership with two friends, Wayne Schuchart and Dale Kurtz, adding engineering, stamping, and molding capabilities to his dream for the company. New Concept Tool & Die would move from Tom's basement to Stewartstown, PA, and growth would come quickly with the company' increasing number of customers. In May of 1987, New Concept Tool & Die became New Concept Manufacturing, and would make a second move to York, PA by purchasing a larger facility from Amphenol.

By 2007, with markets firmly established, success was ensured. New Concept Technology, by this time a multimillion-dollar original equipment manufacturer (OEM), acquired a capital loan through the Small Business Development Company (SEDCO), purchased state-of-the-art molding equipment, and, with the help of the York County Industrial Development Authority (YCIDA), would move to Emigsville, PA.

How did this dream conceived in a basement grow into a multimillion-dollar OEM with employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) and Fortune 500 Customer Base, housed in a 200,000 square-ft. C-TPAT-compliant facility on a secure 20-acre tract in an industrial park? At the end of 2013, addressing a group of state legislators and manufactures touring New Concept Technology's Emigsville plant, Tom Baughman, now President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), credited his company's prosperity to three interlocking factors: "The first being our customers, who have always come first." Handwritten on a whiteboard in Tom's office is 'Customer, first . . . always.' It is not used as a slogan or a catch phrase. Rather, it is a concrete philosophy he adopted, along with his management team, into building New Concept over the years, market by market, customer by customer.

Addressing a mixture of politicians, business people, and association presidents, Baughman explained the second factor for success: "The second factor is our employees." He added: "Some started with New Concept from its inception; others joined later. The one commonality they all share is a passion for serving the needs of our customers; their passion is the mortar that holds our customer base in place."

Baughman explained to his tour group that "the third factor is a manufacturing village." He noted that the manufacturing village consists of "responsive legislators, agencies, and industry associations who tangibly support manufacturing growth in Pennsylvania and across the country." Baughman was referencing the agencies that made possible New Concept's third expansion into their present facility, once the home of Berg Connector, formerly owned by DuPont, then FCI.

Matching Technologies To Markets
Moving to the Emigsville, PA facility enabled New Concept Technology to become a single-source manufacturing facility with a wide range of capabilities to serve medical, automotive, electrical, telecommunications, datacom, military, aerospace and industrial markets. At present, the firm's capabilities include design engineering, high-speed stamping, injection and insert molding, automation and assembly, and tool fabrication. These capabilities ensure deliver of cost-effective products, by incorporating design manufacturing and supply-chain solutions to drive next-generation product to market quickly and with a competitive edge.

By specializing in custom overmold solutions for medical products, automated termination technologies, micro-termination, material science, mold flow and medical process controls for single and multishot hermetically sealed architectures, New Concept Technology is positioned to meet future needs for multiple markets. New Concept's Marketing and Sales Director Don Chaisson explains: "New Concept Technology is positioned to meet the future challenges in the medical field in a rapid timeframe, from single-use product cost to high-cycle-life medical component cost reductions with the highest value services."

New Concept Technology has been a manufacturing partner for the automotive industry for almost 30 years. The company's high-speed processes include automated HiPot testing, true position verification, robotic transfer for multishot and insert molding. The firm also features digital imaging control systems for expert automotive manufacturing solutions, from throttle position sensors, ignition system components (coil on plug), hybrid and electric power distribution, and electrical/electronic connectors to molded mechanical balancer linkages. New Concept Technology combines engineering, prototyping, and tooling fabrication under one roof for accelerated proof-of-concept turnaround. Chaisson confides that "being a proud contributor to the Hybrid/Electric evolution of cleaner, greener and safer today makes us look forward even more to supporting next generation safety and advanced information systems for the future."

Tomorrow's Technology Today
New Concept Technology's President, Tom Baughman, says: "We are preparing for tomorrow's technology today and are ready to service a burgeoning explosion of future technology, in all our markets." He adds: "Our advanced U.S. manufacturing facility is a canvas for operational excellence founded on precision tool, die and machine fabrication under vigorous ISO Quality Systems. We don't mind waving our flag. We are deeply committed to creating manufacturing processes to enhance and strengthen the growth of manufacturing in America. Aware that no other industry is so closely tied to the security of our nation, as well as world security, we raise the bar even higher to meet, exceed and excel at the special requirements of all of our markets."

Five-Year Plan
For the future, Baughman explains: "We have put together some very aggressive growth plans over the next five years for New Concept Technology. A major part of this growth encompasses moving to more turnkey products. 2014 is key to setting the stage for this growth. We are focused on strengthening our sales effort to accommodate future growth and are currently recruiting to increase our sales effort in the field. We are totally dedicated to making 2014 the most productive and profitable year ever for our customers and for our company."

Baughman feels that "it takes a manufacturing village to secure the future." Of the company, he notes: "We are also committed to create a workforce continuum for the future of manufacturing in America, which is contingent on the replenishing of a new generation of workers with the proper skill sets to replace an older generation ready to retire."

In support of continued growth, in 2013, the firm carved out 5000 square ft. of space from the manufacturing floor for a build-to-order machine shop, computer room, and classroom for the certification of apprentices under the guidance of the Manufacturers Association in a number of manufacturing disciplines. An Associated Press (AP) news feed on February 22, 2014 reported: "Car Production: Mexico is on track to become the United States' No. 1 source of imported cars by the end of 2015, overtaking Japan and Canada." Baughman feels that New Concept Technology is well positioned beyond the company's borders for future growth as well. He explains: "Our subsidiary, NeContech, located in a modern 50,000-square-ft. facility in Hermosillo, Mexico, is a seamless extension of our US-based New Concept Technology facility, providing full-service operations to our customers operating in Mexico for rapid manufacturing transfer and local business development." By extending the original dream with the same core values and operating excellence, NeContech received the coveted Intertek Achievement Award in 2013 for meeting the performance criteria of Intertek's workplace assessment, which evaluates safety, environmental and labor conditions.


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