Sunday, June 17, 2018
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Mega Fluid Systems and Entrepix Join Forces to Offer Complete CMP System
Phoenix, AZ — Mega Fluid Systems Inc., a supplier of chemical and slurry delivery equipment, and Entrepix Inc., a provider of chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) equipment and process services, have entered into a partnership agreement. The combined expertise of both teams has already led to the development of a complete CMP solution for a 200mm fab upgrade project. Mega Fluid Systems designed and built the slurry delivery systems, while Entrepix remanufactured the CMP polish and clean equipment and developed the CMP processes to meet customer requirements.

The equipment set was designed to efficiently enable a new technology transfer process for the customer. By developing and shipping the slurry blend/delivery, CMP polishing, and post-CMP cleaning equipment set along with proven process recipes optimized for the customer's devices. The two companies were able to deliver a highly flexible and reliable solution that will shorten the time to qualify the new process flow. This also ensures that the customer will benefit immediately from many years of established expertise with no "learning curve" delays.

Contact: Mega Fluid Syustems, Inc., 9398 Tulatin-Sherwood Rd., Tualatin, OR 97062 971-277-9000 fax: 971-277-9010 Web:

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