Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Flextronics' Lab IX Enters Partnership with Mantis Vision
Milpitas, CA — Flextronics' (NASDAQ: FLEX) hardware venture arm, Lab IX, has entered into agreement to provide support to Mantis Vision, a disruptive technology company that develops and designs 3D image and motion capture hardware and software solutions for consumer and professional applications. Known as MV4D, Mantis Vision's core technology enables motion-capable 3D capture for depth sensing, smart object measurement and recognition, and generation of high resolution 3D models.

As part of the partnership, Flextronics is working with Mantis Vision to provide first-to-market, scalable delivery of customized 3D scanning solutions. These tailored products are designed to meet field and use case-specific requirements for consumer-facing solutions such as 3D embedded mobile and peripheral devices, and for professional solutions for the medical, defense, law enforcement, and oil & gas industries.

Contact: Flextronics, 6201 America Center Drive, San Jose, CA 95002 408-576-7000 Web:

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