Thursday, June 21, 2018
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KIC Discontinues SlimKIC 2000 and KIC Explorer Profilers
SAN DIEGO, CA  — Today KIC announced that effective immediately the SlimKIC 2000 and KIC Explorer lines of profilers are no longer available for sale. 

The profilers have been extremely popular in the electronics assembly and semiconductor markets for the past several years.  However, as new and improved technologies have been developed and implemented in KIC’s more advanced X5 profiler, the time has come to move on to a new generation of profile setters. The SlimKIC 2000 and KIC Explorer profilers will be replaced with the new K2profile setter, which enables profile viewing on mobile Android and Apple devices.

The K2 profile setter builds on KIC’s tradition of a compact and robust hardware that measures profiles accurately, even in harsh environments. The plug-and-play hardware and graphical user interface makes profiling both quick and easy. The KIC software enables each thermocouple to use its own unique process window, while the optimization software automatically suggests the best oven setup to process the entire PCB and components in spec.  This convenience, combined with lightening fast speed, allows oven setup in seconds.

KIC has been diligent in planning this transition; therefore, SlimKIC 2000 and KIC Explorers profilers are no longer for sale.  However, KIC will continue to support its existing customers on these products for many years to come.

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