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A Lean Solution for Today's Manufacturing

Specifying cable carrier systems had once been quite complex, purchasing cables from one supplier, carriers from another, and connectors and accessories from additional companies. But adoption of lean manufacturing practices is guiding many companies to streamline their acquisition ...

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Advanced Modelling Inspection Technique Achieves Success

Automatic optical inspection (AOI) is an established solution for the reliable inspection of printed circuit boards (PCBs) in the electronics manufacturing industry. AOI systems have developed considerably since their introduction in the mid-1990s, and now appear on most surface-mount ...

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At Indium, 80 Years of Technology Innovation

Clinton, NY —- What does it take to make it to 80 years in an industry where today's technology is obsolete tomorrow? For Indium Corporation, it takes foresight and dedication. Dr. William S. Murray — a man dedicated to investigating the uses of indium metal — founded Indium Corporation in ...

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Beyond 0402M Placement: Mounting 03015M Microchips

The printed-circuit-board (PCB) assembly industry has long embraced the "smaller, lighter, faster" mantra for electronic devices, especially for mobile devices. As manufacturers increase smart-phone functionality and capability, for example, designers must adopt smaller components to ...

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JTAG Boundary-Scan Testing Improves PCBs

Standards are an important part of maintaining quality in electronic products. Perhaps one of the most significant standards for manufacturing test applications at the printed-circuit-board (PCB) level is the JTAG or boundary-scan test standard established by the Joint Test Access Group ...

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peiker's Management Goal: Striving for Zero Defects

peiker ( is a provider of components for mobile communications systems, for vehicular use and in professional mobile radio (PMR) applications. Founded in 1946, the company's product portfolio supports fast and reliable communications on the road as part of the "connected ...

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PXI Expansion Enhances Automotive Dashboard Testing

The flexibility and affordability of modifying test stations equipped with PXI expansion boards was experienced recently by a manufacturer of high-volume automotive dashboard electronic units when they replaced a functional test system with a standard in-circuit tester (ICT) with PXI ...

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