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ASC Intros Dual Mode Inspection Platform

Medina, MN — ASC International, a manufacturer of 3D solder paste inspection and automated optical inspection (AOI) systems, has released its new LineMaster DM platform. The system has undergone successful testing at numerous facilities and has been approved for release globally.

B&R Intros Next Gen Display Data Transmission

Roswell, GA — B&R is introducing Smart Display Link 3, the newest generation of its proven technology for digital display data transmission. This new version allows a maximum distance of 100 meters between the PC and panel, providing clear benefits for modular machine and system manufacturing in ...

Dow Corning: Advanced New Terminal Sealant for LCD Displays

Midland, MI — Dow Corning has introduced new Dow Corning® EA-2000 Silicone Adhesive, a high-performance terminal sealant for faster, more cost-effective manufacturing of thin-film transistor (TFT) LCD displays. This innovative, low-viscosity, room-temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone sealant ...

Fairview Intros New Low-Loss Cable Assemblies

Allen, TX — Fairview Microwave, Inc. is introducing a new line of low-loss test cables using LL335i and LL142 coax. Rated to 18GHz, these new low-loss cable assemblies are suitable for test environments where a rugged, phase stable cable assembly is required.

FasTest Simplifies Testing for Medical Luer Apps

Minneapolis, MN — FasTest, Inc. is introducing its new LuerMate connector series, designed to provide seamless connection to all standard female medical Luer configurations. Providing a simple-to-use, sleeve operation that eliminates repetitive twisting and turning, LuerMate connectors simplify ...

Hakko Intros New Micro Soldering Iron

Valencia, CA — The FM-2032 Micro Soldering Iron from Hakko extends precision micro soldering capabilities to a variety of the company's soldering and rework systems. The slender, lightweight handpiece has a tip-to-grip distance that has been optimized for operator dexterity under microscopes and ...

Heidenhain: Mitsubishi Interface Sealed Encoders

Schaumburg, IL — The new absolute LC 195M and LC 495M sealed linear encoders from Heidenhain are now available for use on machines that require a Mitsubishi interface.

Hemco Enclosures for Lab Automation and Robotics

Hemco enclosures are designed to isolate liquid handling workstations, HPLC equipment, sample weighing, high throughput screening, powders handling and other lab automated processes by providing exhaust air systems or HEPA filtered clean workstations. Enclosures are built to protect personnel from hazardous ...

Henkel: Meeting Automotive Challenges

Irvine, CA — Henkel's halogen-free flux formulation, Loctite Multicore HF 212, when used with the company's 90iSC high-reliability lead-free alloy, reportedly yields a high-performance, halogen-free solder system that enables even the most demanding automotive applications. Temperature extremes that can occur ...

Hi Performance Plasma Cutter from Hypertherm

Hanover, NH — Hypertherm, a U.S. based manufacturer of plasma, laser, and waterjet cutting systems, has launched its Powermax30® XP, a new plasma cutting system that delivers high performance in a small, portable package.

Hitachi Intros 4mm Emboss Taping Feeder

Dallas, TX — New from Hitachi is a feeder designed for 4mm wide tape-and-reel feeding to its Sigma Series modular mounters. The GT-24040 (4 X 1mm) is a dual-tape feeder and processes 4mm wide embossed tape used for 0402mm (01005) and 0603mm (0201) parts. According to the company, the GT-24040 is ...

Intersil Intros Buck-Boost/Boost Switching Regulators

Milpitas, CA — Intersil Corporation (NASDAQ: ISIL), a provider of innovative power management and precision analog solutions, has introduced the industry's first high-current buck-boost and boost switching regulator family in a tiny, integrated CSP package, enabling improved efficiency for high current ...

JOT Intros Vision Inspection Cell

San Diego, CA — JOT Automation, a supplier of test and production solutions, has launched a scalable test solution for vision inspection of display and camera functions of wireless devices. The JOT Vision Inspection Cell is a fully integrated solution giving reliable test results quickly. The high ...

Juki Intros Fast Automatic Screen Printer

Morrisville, NC — Juki Automation Systems (JAS), Inc. has introduced the RP-1 Automatic Screen Printer. The printer achieves high-accuracy positioning of ±10µm and high-speed printing within six seconds plus printing time.

Libra Installs Triton MIL Electronic Cleaner

Mentor, OH — Libra Industries, a privately held electronics manufacturing services provider, has installed a Trek Triton MIL Series Electronic Cleaner from Stoelting. The inline aqueous cleaning system for chemistry applications is well suited for electronics assembly cleaning.

Magid Amps Up Impact Gloves

Chicago, IL — Magid® Glove and Safety is introducing the new TRX540 Impact Glove, an addition to the popular T-REX Impact Glove line, a proven standard in rugged impact protection. The new TRX540 offers improvements in comfort, dexterity and impact protection with an ANSI Level 4 Cut Resistant ...

Mek Launches AOI Products

Oirschot, The Netherlands — The Mek SpectorBOX is designed to accommodate solder frames on return and/or feed conveyors. SpectorBOX offers bottom side, top side or simultaneous dual side inspection replacing traditional board flipping alternatives in less space and at lower cost. With its totally ...

Microswitches Get New Certification

Vouvry, Switzerland — Microprecision Electronics SA has received a new certification "UL 61058" for its snap-action microswitches. UL introduced the new norm to test appliance switches (previously under UL1054). By mid-2015 new products will all have to comply to UL61058.

Nordson YESTECH Intros Inline PCB AOI

Carlsbad, CA — Nordson YESTECH, a subsidiary of Nordson Corporation (Nasdaq: NDSN) has introduced its FX-940 AOI Inline PCB inspection system — the latest automated solution for the inspection of solder defects, lead defects/lifted leads, component presence and position, correct part/polarity ...

PEM Tacksert Pins Instead of Screws

Danboro, PA — New microPEM® TackSert pins introduce reliable fastener solutions to attach top panels securely to a base panel or chassis in compact electronic assemblies. These pins provide practical alternatives to micro screws by eliminating the typically costly issues associated with threaded ...
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