Monday, April 23, 2018
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Innovative Circuits Acquires State Of The Art Inkjet Printer

ALPHARETTA, GA -  Innovative Circuits, Inc. has acquired Orbotech’s Sprint 120 Inkjet printer.   This new next generation printer features DotStream Technology and UV LED curing while delivering consistent top quality printing at high speeds.  Registration accuracies of 35µm are achieved through automatic measurements and scaling.  The Sprint 120 incorporates a 1.5 mm high depth of focus for accurate uniform printing over challenging surface topographies. Top quality results on a variety of thickness are ensured by the integration of a vacuum table, clamps and retractable bridges to completely flatten the printing area.

ICI’s Chief Engineer Dale Lovell speaks about this latest acquisition. “We are continually evaluating new ways to speed up our process time and increase overall quality.  With the Orbotech Sprint 120 we will cut our mask, nomenclature and serialize process time by 30%.  Along with that we eliminate the photo plotting of legends and customize our serialization.”  Another big advantage that Mr. Lovell was excited about is that ICI “can now offer a variety of different barcoding options to our customers and increase the accuracy of legend placement on parts.” This is one of many upgrades made in the past 18 months which shows Innovative Circuits commitment to meeting the PCB markets’ most challenging needs.

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