Sunday, June 24, 2018
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PDR: Cost effective rework solutions
CRAWLEY, WEST SUSSEX, UK - With PDR’s continued customer commitment towards lower cost, professional quality, rework systems, PDR are proud to announce the all NEW PDR IR-C3 Chipmate Series.
The C3 Chipmate series are extremely powerful, cost effective BGA/CSP production tools that are specifically designed to meet the needs of their users. These systems are aimed at the small/medium size companies and organisations that require professional rework equipment but have to remain within certain budgetary parameters.
By being easily upgradeable and offering high levels of process control, the IR-C3 Chipmate Series will clearly become class leaders in their field!
They can readily accommodate all demands required of them for both new and existing SMT component packages such as BGAs, CSPs, QFPs, PLCCs, SOIC, standard SMDs & SMT sockets & connectors.
The PDR IR-C3 Chipmate Series has 2 entry level variations, the C3 and C3i systems. Both these systems have the following features:
  - 150W top-side heating Focused IR lens system that is able to project a heating image of up to 70mm in diameter;
  - Interchangeable lens attachments to suit differing component families;
  - 2000W IR heating for pre heating the bottom-side of PCBs;
  - Real-time, non-contact component/PCB temperature sensing and read out facility
The systems all come with digital controllers, while the C3i has the added feature of Software Control with ‘Auto-Profile’ temp profiling and data logging.
Both systems can be upgraded to a C3V or C3Vi system respectively, either at manufacture or at a later date (when budget allows). The C3V and C3Vi systems provide the user with quick, accurate placement by utilising PDR’s split beam prism system for simultaneous PCB and component viewing. LED lighting both above and below the camera, produce shadow free component visualization & alignment. Both upgrades have the following features:

  - CCTV/prism based BGA/alignment system

o Split beam prism system for simultaneous PCB and component viewing.
o BGA/CSP and leadless component alignment.
o Integral LED lighting system with illumination level control.
o Full colour ½” CCTV camera and 19” TFT/LCD Flat screen colour monitor.
o High quality zoom lens with up to x 50 magnification.
o Precise X/Y axis mounting system.
 - Precision Placement System
o Vacuum operated pick and place with precise Z axis movement.
o 360 degrees component rotation for BGA placement.
 - Precision macro-micro X/Y PCB table
o Precision micrometer (micro) X/Y control
o +/- 20 microns (.0008”) movement in X/Y directions
o Macro override facility in X/Y directions.
o Up to 12” x 18” (300mm x 250mm) capacity with lockable X/Y axis.
All PDR systems produce accurate placement, repeatability and 100% yields due to excellent levels of process control and PDR’s unique Focused IR lens patented technology. This allows operators to both quickly and safely solder and desolder all types of BGA/CSP/SMT packages without the risk of overheating a given component, adjacent devices or board substrate.
PDR's patented Focused IR technology, which was first introduced by the company in 1986, exposes a component and PCB to similar thermal conditions to those experienced in an in-line Infra-Red (IR) reflow oven. As a result, the solder joints produced are of an identical quality to those produced in the mainstream assembly process. Common soldering problems associated with oxidation or stray solder ball migration, are also eliminated, and in practice any component that can safely pass through an IR oven can be reworked using Focused IR.
Focused IR is a non-contact, tool-free and hands-free technique that subjects both the topside and underside of a board to remote IR radiation heating. Below the PCB, medium wave IR is used to preheat the board and reduce the amount of energy and time required for top-side heating. Above the PCB, short wave IR energy is collimated and focused through a lens system to allow precise heating control over the specific component area to be heated.
Focused IR is therefore a safe, simple and gentle heating method that offers precision process control. This allows rework technicians to focus their attentions on effectively reworking any BGA/SMT device without having to cope with the complexities, frustrations and costs normally associated with traditional 'high end' rework systems.
About PDR
Since 1986 PDR has pioneered the use of Focused IR technology in SMT rework equipment. This includes the introduction of the world's first hand held IR soldering/desoldering tool, called SolderLight. With over 4000 installations worldwide, PDR systems are used by many of the world's leading OEMs and CEMs. As developed by PDR, Focused IR technology simplifies the soldering/desoldering process, and the passive nature of infra-red heat makes it much less likely to damage components or substrates. Additionally, nozzles and tips, which are an expensive part of other systems, are eliminated.
CONTACT: PDR-Americas  3869 Dividend Dr  Shingle Springs, CA 95682  PH: 877-700-6085

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