Monday, June 25, 2018
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Active Harmonic Filter from Schaefer
Modular active harmonic filter.
Hopkinton, MA — Schaefer Inc. is introducing its new PB Series three-wire and four-wire active harmonic filter modular systems that are designed to meet IEEE-519. The Power Balance (PB) family is scalable and offers a practical solution for improving power quality for tower buildings as well as automation, wind turbine and a wide range of industrial applications.

These active harmonic filters have ultra-fast (21µs) reactive power compensation, phase compensation current of 60A to 300A extendible and harmonic correction is provided for harmonics to the 50th order. Additional features include flicker compensation, ultra-fast response time of <300µs, load balancing between phases and unload neutral wire and grid resonance detection.

Communication connections are made with Ethernet and Ethercat systems; Ethernet TCP/IP interface permits control using the browser. Subsystems display the control unit, active sensor unit, ModBus, PQ Analyzer.

Harmonic currents generate power that cannot be used and consume electrical system capacity. Large quantities of harmonics can lead to malfunctioning of the system that results in downtime and increase in operating costs. The PB Series active harmonic filter monitors the current signal and compensates for the unwanted elements of the measured current, thus eliminating harmonic oscillations and consequently provides cost savings for reactive energy.

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