Monday, June 18, 2018
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ABB Extends Line of OTDC Solar Switches
High capacity solar switches.
New Berlin WI — The ABB Low Voltage Products division has extended its line of OTDC switches, introducing new 250, 320 and 400 Ampere switches. The devices are specifically designed for photovoltaic (solar) applications and are the smallest footprint, two pole disconnect switches up to 400A in the industry to achieve a 1000VDC rating per UL 98B.

According to the company, this breakthrough dual magnetic breaking arc suppression technology delivers optimal performance with a new measure of simplicity and safety, occupying up to 50 percent less space while providing substantial energy savings and reduced wiring costs compared to switches currently available for solar applications.

Previously, switches for photovoltaic applications required up to six poles wired in series in order to break 1000VDC. Achieving the 1000VDC rating with a compact, two-pole configuration provides the ideal switch for the solar industry, designed for use in combiner-boxes for disconnecting individual arrays, and at the inverter input for disconnecting the inverter from the DC side. UL 98B covers enclosed and dead-front switches rated up to 1000VDC, intended for use in DC photovoltaic (PV) systems.

The dual magnetic breaking design breaks the circuit in two places, increasing the air gap while reducing the time to circuit isolation, enabling the high voltage rating with the smaller two pole footprint. Permanent magnets pull the arc into the arc chutes for quick extinguishing, ensuring breaking across the full current range.

The additional features include: bi-polarity operation — break both the positive and negative lines at the same time or utilize pre-configured versions with two poles wired in series to break just the positive or negative line; integrated heat sink — pre-configured versions with two poles wired in series utilize a custom-designed jumper with integrated heat sink, resulting in cooler operation and longer switch life; modular design — for the flexibility to use in diverse applications the new switch is available with the mechanism mounted between the poles or to either side of the poles.

A special four-pole version is available for double circuit applications, allowing the breaking of two separate PV strings with a single switch; Safe Visible Blade Technology — one of the only switches on the market with visible contacts, providing safe and reliable quick-make, quick-break operation.

Contact: ABB, Inc. 1250 Brown Road, Auburn Hills, MI 48326 248-391-9000 Web:

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