Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Lumex Higher Voltage Low Current LEDs for Improved Output
High-voltage, low-current LEDs can run at a higher voltage with a lower current.
Carol Stream, IL — Lumex has launched its TitanBrite High-Voltage, Low-Current LED, the newest addition to the TitanBrite family of high-power LEDs. The new LED can run at a higher voltage with a lower current than alternative technologies (such as a traditional 10W LED) while providing up to 45 percent brighter light output and superior light distribution. This allows for up to 20 percent cost and 50 percent real estate savings for applications requiring low current, but high light output.

The new TitanBrite LEDs are a good option for lighting and fixture designers for a number of applications across a wide range of industries including: industrial inspection lighting — anywhere there is a high voltage application, such as automated visual inspection, backlight sorting machines, and warning lights; medical — spotlighting, backlighting (for x-rays), operating lighting; commercial — backlighting for electronic signage (large illuminated ads at train stations, airport terminals and fast food restaurants), machine lighting, production lighting; general — lighting fixtures (parking garages), light arrays, spotlights. Because a high-voltage LED (33V and up) runs at a lower current, it doesn't generate as much heat, simplifying heat dissipation design considerations and ensuring less energy loss in heat generation and control. The need for bulky heat sync elements is eliminated as the high-voltage LED has a built-in metal core PCB and doesn't require additional heat sync components. This results in real estate savings of up to 50 percent as well as up to 20 percent cost savings. The low-current LED design also offers greater light distribution than traditional standard LEDs that provide light in concentrated area or "hot spot". A cluster of LEDs offer a viewing angle of 120°, eliminating hot spot issues.

The TitanBrite LED also offers up to 45 percent brighter light output than a traditional 10W LED. With almost double the amount of light in a single unit, the cluster array of LEDs are placed in a unique pattern, that allows the design to achieve this output. The new LEDs measure 38mm in diameter and provide a 120° viewing angle. They are available in standard cool and warm white as well as custom colors.

Contact: Lumex, 425 N. Gary Avenue, Carol Stream, IL 60188 800-278-5666 E-mail: Web: or

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