Friday, May 25, 2018
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JOT Automation Adds Demo Capabilities in San Diego
JOT router.
Oulu, Finland,— The JOT Router (J501-63) is a compact, cost-effective PCB depaneling solution for today's productivity and quality demands. The system consists of a dual spindle cutting unit enabling simultaneous cutting to double throughput capacity. Using a user-friendly interface, the spindle is easily adjustable with motorized height adjustment to optimize tool wear and improve cutting quality. It is also available with an optional automatic tray handling unit making unloading easy and buffering production flow. Precise product alignment and cutting accuracy are verified by a machine vision system, and the bottom-side exhaust system keeps the machine interior clean and dust-free.

As numbers of connections increase, the challenge for traditional SMT machines to accommodate the diversity of component shapes has become a growing issue. JOT Automation has developed the Odd Shape Placement Cell (J504-08) to ensure that components out of range of standard SMT machines are placed with a fast, flexible, compact, and cost-effective machine. The placement cell includes feeding, pre-forming and gripping systems to achieve reliable component feed and pick-and-place processes. Reliability with proven mechanics and robotics combined with years of experience in software development and process know-how contribute to a reliable Odd Shape component placement solution. In the future, more electronics manufacturing processes will demand a flexible component placer, and the JOT Odd Placement Cell can meet these requirements to make production lines more efficient and flexible.

With the growth of electronics manufacturing in U.S. and Mexico, JOT Automation is enhancing its ability to support these customers with demonstration machines in the company's new U.S. facility. Last year, the Finland-based company expanded its presence with a new San Diego site located central to regional manufacturing expansion in Tijuana, an important center for the electronics manufacturing. Locating customer demonstration machines in San Diego provides JOT Automation with the capability to showcase the benefits of its solutions in the region using customer boards and materials. The machines being located in San Diego are the JOT Router and the Odd Shape Placement Cell.

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