Sunday, June 24, 2018
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High Performance Fans from YS Tech
Cooling fans designed for 1U racks.
Garden Grove, CA — YS Tech has developed three new high performance fan series which are well suited for use in 1U rack applications. The star of the 1U fan selection is the 36mm series cooling fan, immediately bolstered by the 38 and 40mm series. Each series offers special placement opportunities within the 1U rack cooling fan application.

Models lending themselves to 1U rackmount designs are designated XYW036028, XYW038028, and XYW04028.

Design Engineers will want to examine the 36mm model to determine if this size will offer the performance required. The 1U spec of 1.75-in. (44.45mm) tall will leave enough height to design a FRU (Field Replaceable Unit) if that is the goal. Each 36mm fan will produce 24.16 CFM of air volume and 67.52mm-H2O pressure.

If a 1U Rack FRU solution is not needed, then either the 38mm or the 40mm high-performance models offer impressive performance. The 38mm, having 21.99 CFM and over 86mm-H2O pressure will make short work of those overstuffed 1U racks that are so common today. The critical stat on this fan is the pressure figure. The more congested the interior of the chassis, the more force or pressure the fan must have to reach the required circulation. With the size of the 38mm series, Designers will be able to place the fans just about anywhere within the chassis.

Cooling fan placement external to the chassis can be accomplished with the 40mm series. This model reliably produces over 32 CFM of flow and an amazing 95mm-H2O pressure.

Contact: YS Tech USA, 12691 Monarch St., Garden Grove, CA 92841 714-379-2460 Web:

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