Sunday, May 27, 2018
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SMT NORTH AMERICA: Machines for Thermal Processes
WERTHEIM, GERMANY: SMT Wertheim is one of world leading manufactures of thermal process equipment including Reflow Soldering Systems, Vacuum Reflow Soldering Systems, Curing- Drying and Conformal Coating Systems, and Temperature Treating Systems for hot- and cold function test. SMT Systems offers world-class heat transfer capability, perfect process reliability and energy efficiency, proven technology and minimum cunsumption data/maintenance.

SMT UV System

SMT developed their product line of drying/curing ovens for UV adhesives or UV conformal coatings. This in-line system has the ability to take advantage of fast and protective curing of components (from above and below) in an automated production environment. Our. Short, compact machine construction; Absolute process reliability; UV-Light Source : Life time > 6.000 hours; Production readiness < 50 seconds; No maintenanc

SMT Vacuum Reflow System

The vacuum reflow system is a further development of a reflow system. The vacuum unit was placed constructively between heating and cooling section. In process step to perfect soldering, SMT sets a high standard and is the market leader in this technology.


SMT High-Temperature-Treating System "HTT"

The HTT Product line deals with thermal process systems which are especially designed for drying, gluing, curing and preparing for the hot-and cold function-test.

SMT Cube Temperature Treating Systems for hot- and cold function test are compact, space saving water cooled systems. A vertically mounted wheel which can individually be configured, serves as the transport system (versions of 16 or 20 pockets)

Versions of SMT Cube:

  • Hot Function Test60 °C to 140 °C
  • Cold Function Test-50 °C to -10 °C
Cooling to Room Temperature




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