Monday, June 25, 2018
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Ascentech to Exhibit Gen3 Systems Solder Saver and the Gensonic UltraSonic Stencil Cleaner at APEX 2014 in Booth #2541

CHESTER, CT Ascentech LLC, the North American distributor for GEN3 Systems Ltd., will exhibit the Gen3 Systems Solder Saver and the Gensonic UltraSonic Stencil Cleaner at APEX 2014 next week in Booth #2541 in Las Vegas.

The Solder Saver is a hand held, compact system for separating Dross from good solder. The unit easily reduces hardened dross material to oxide powder making it possible to remove the dross oxide waste from the solder pot, leaving valuable solder in the pot.

The Gensonic is a manually-operated, ultrasonic transducer unit for cleaning stencils used in printing solder pastes and adhesives. It can be used either directly on the printer or at a separate cleaning station.

Printed solder pastes tend to compact and trap particles into aperture corners; lead-free solder pastes, that are less dense, tend to demonstrate this tendency even more. To clean effectively requires both "chemicals" and mechanical agitation. Direct ultrasonic contact cleaning is the ultimate way to clean SMT stencils with the minimum amount of cleaning chemistry.

“It is generally recognized that most soldering defects have their origins in the solder paste printing process,” says Ascentech partner Randy Allinson. “A clean stencil is one of the best means of minimizing solder paste printing defects. This is perhaps why the demand for effective, reliable SMT stencil cleaning solutions is constantly increasing.”

CONTACT: Randy Allinson, Ascentech, 127 Goose Hill Rd., Chester, CT, 06412 PH: 860-526-8903, e-mail  

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