Monday, June 18, 2018
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Henkel’s APEX Presence Brings High Reliability and High Performance to the Fore
IRVINE, CA - At the annual APEX event, set to take place March 25-27 in Las Vegas, Nevada, show delegates will have the opportunity to learn more about the innovation that has resulted in several new high-reliability, high-performance materials from The Electronics Group of Henkel.  Spanning a wide range of material types and applications, Henkel will showcase the latest in halogen-free solder materials for automotive applications, extremely protective underfill and encapsulant materials and market-leading low-pressure molding formulations. 

From booth #1619, Henkel materials specialists look forward to demonstrating how halogen-free and high-reliability solder materials are not mutually exclusive.  In fact, combining Henkel’s halogen-free flux formulation, LOCTITE MULTICORE HF 212, with its groundbreaking 90iSC high-reliability lead-free alloy yields a high-performance, halogen-free solder system that is enabling even the most demanding automotive applications. Temperature extremes that can occur in automotive environments are often too great for common SAC alloys to manage.  Henkel’s 90iSC was developed specifically to address these challenges.  The alloy has a melting point equivalent to standard SAC alloys and is capable of operating at temperatures up to 150°C, delivering a high temperature-compatible solution for automotive device manufacturers.    When combined with a robust flux medium like LOCTITE MULTICORE HF 212 – arguably what underpins any successful solder material – the results of 90iSC are even more impressive. 

“High performance and reliability drive Henkel’s materials development,” says Doug Dixon, Global Marketing Director for The Electronics Group of Henkel. “Devices are only getting smaller and more complex and are increasingly – particularly in the case of automotive applications – subjected to greater environmental stresses.  Henkel materials give electronics specialists the confidence that the devices will work in-the-field and under extreme conditions.”

Device and assembly protection are central elements of a product’s long-term reliability, which is why robust underfills, encapsulants and low pressure molding materials are critical. 

Throughout the three-day APEX event, Henkel will highlight some of its latest innovations in this area, including:

  • LOCTITE UF 3810 Underfill – A high reliability, halogen-free, reworkable underfill system that flows fast, has UV cure capability and a high glass transition (Tg) temperature of 100°C, thereby delivering robust thermal cycling reliability for next-generation wafer-level CSP, BGA and PoP devices in high value products.


  • LOCTITE UV 9060F Encapsulant – Provides chemical resistance and selective protection of environmentally-susceptible components against contaminants like moisture and fluids.The material cures with UV light in less than 30 seconds and has a secondary moisture cure for comprehensive curing of even shadowed areas. After cure, LOCTITE UV 9060F can be seen with fluorescent visual inspection for verification of coverage areas.


  • TECHNOMELT PA 668 – Used in low pressure molding applications, this material significantly reduces cycle time for molding parts.The UV-stabilized white molding material is ideal for LED lighting and consumer electronics applications. Encapsulates assemblies to form a self-enclosed housing and functional device.The UV stabilization ensures no yellowing from UV exposure.


  • New TECHNOMELT—Previewed at APEX – Chemically-resistant, low-pressure molding compound formulated specifically for use with medical applications.Low moisture absorption and solvent resistance ensure excellent protection for medical devices that are subject to repeated sterilization procedures or automotive applications where solvent exposure is common. Low pressure molding speed is exceptionally fast, making this material ideal for high throughput requirements.

APEX delegates are invited to visit the Henkel booth to discuss the company’s full portfolio of high-performance, reliability-enhancing materials.  Visitors can also see live demonstrations of the TECHNOMELT materials being molded on a Cavist Mold-man 6200, the latest equipment innovation for low-pressure molding processes.  

“Henkel’s portfolio of high-performance materials covers the spectrum of electronics applications – from handhelds to automotive to medical and more,” says Dixon in conclusion.  “Show delegates are encouraged to speak with Henkel technical experts at APEX to learn more about enabling materials for their specific requirements.”  

For more information, visit  To schedule an appointment at APEX, send an e-mail to  

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