Thursday, June 21, 2018
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MORNSUN Launches new DC-DC Converter
GUANGZHOU, CHINA -  Mornsun has launched the IF/B_XT-1WR2, F/B_XT-2WR2, F_D-1WR2, R2 series of DC-DC converter. Compared with previous generations, improvements have been made on efficiency, no-load power consumption and short-circuit protection. They also feature compact size, SMD packaging, high thermostability and high isolated voltage which makes them ideal choices for applications in industrial control, power electronics, communication equipment, intelligent monitoring system, etc.

Extra-low ripple & noise
Operating temperature range of -40~85°C.
High output voltage accuracy, high isolation voltage up to 3k Vdc
Output short-circuit protection

Temperature range of -40℃~105℃.
High light-load efficiency, high full-load efficiency up to 85%
High isolation voltage up to 3000VDC
Output short-circuit protection(Long term &Self-recovery)
UL/EN60950 certified
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