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Collective Intelligence Offers Far More Benefits than “Silo” Style Approach

SHANGHAI, CHINA - The first meeting of the NEPCON 2014 Advisory Panel was recently held at the offices of the exhibition organizers, Reed Exhibitions Shanghai. The five Advisory Panel members – Jian Zhu, Director, Alcatel Shanghai Bell; Zhaochen Huang, VP, Production, UT Star; Fred Fong, Senior Consultant, Powertech Industrial (former Technology Director, Asia-Pacific, Jabil Circuit); Edward Tung, Managing Director, East West Group, former VP and GM, Flextronics Technology); and Haley Fu, Managing Director, AP, iNEMI – met for discussions with Thomas Huang, Assistant VP, Reed Exhibitions; Morris Dong, Project Director of NEPCON China, South China, and West China and Lewis Tang, Marketing Director, Reed Exhibitions

The Panelists talked about the development of the Chinese electronics industry, future trends, marketing opportunities/challenges, participant invitations and complementary activities like forums, keynote speaker nominations, and more.  These topics related to the entire NEPCON series of events in China (NEPCON China, NEPCON West China, and South China). The talks were highly constructive and yielded a number of interesting insights on several key issues.

The organizers of the NEPCON China series, Reed Exhibitions, should be congratulated for the scope and reputation of the shows they have built up in China,” said Mr. Jian after the meeting. “The establishment of the Advisory Panel is a testament to the hard work Reed has done, and continues to do, to make the series a consistent and outstanding success.” NEPCON has achieved great results in the industry,” added Mr. Fong. “It is renowned within electronics manufacturing for providing insights into the future development of the industry, while perfectly matching the needs of visitors to those of participating exhibitors, and vice versa.”

“The Advisory Panel meeting was a great success,” said Mr. Dong. “The Panel provided us with some very useful information on how we can enhance the organization of the NEPCON series of events in China. These were highly beneficial to us and enhanced our understanding of new industry developments.  I found the key messages delivered by the Panel members really inspirational.  We are very pleased to have access to the full expertise and experience of such esteemed industry professionals.  Further, we are confident that, with their input, we can continue to deliver powerful events for the electronics manufacturing industry.”

Since 1982, when NEPCON was first introduced to China, the series has grown into the leading event in electronics manufacturing to offer a combination of global resources and local talent support. It is the only event officially backed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and the Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA). Today, in China, the NEPCON series includes NEPCON China, NEPCON West China, NEPCON South China and a range of roadshows in Chongqing and other locales.

Apart from the above-named five experts, the Advisory Panel has recently appointed, as of December 12, 2013, four new members – Jianfeng Liu, VP, ZTE;  Zemin Zhang, Deputy GM, Manufacturing, Eastcom;  Xiaoqiang Fei, R&D Director, Jabil Circuit; and Adonis Mak, President and Director of ACT International (SMT China Magazine).  The expanded Advisory Panel expects to add yet more experts to its ranks soon.

Before the NEPCON series of events kicks off in 2014, Advisory Panel meetings will be held to improve coordination among the industry experts. During the course of next year’s series – NEPCON China April 23-35; NEPCON West China June 25-27 and NEPCON South China 26-28 August – the Panelists will attend the events (exhibitions and collocated activities like forums) to provide guidance on-site.

“From a strategic perspective, the leading industry experts on the Advisory Panel provide guidance and support for the event.  This enriches the services and value enjoyed by exhibitors and visitors before, during and after each event.  We cannot approach preparations for next year’s NEPCON series with a silo mentality,” said Thomas Huang, Assistant VP of Reed Exhibitions.

“Reed is committed to providing the best event for everyone who takes part.  We want to offer a comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date picture of the whole industry. With the help of the Advisory Panel of leading industry experts, we hope that NEPCON will become even stronger, thanks to their valuable insights and constructive advice. The events will provide an accurate picture of the industry both in Asia and across the wider world.  This will surely benefit the Chinese market - our local customers. We are determined to provide the best possible services to every single participant in our events.”

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