Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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iTAC with Enterprise MES at APEX 2014
DERNBACH, GERMANY - Cloud-based MES and Big Data are key aspects of the trade fair presentation that iTAC Software AG ( has prepared for IPC APEX EXPO 2014 in Las Vegas. The MES specialist will be showcasing its latest developments to equip factories for the Internet of Things at booth no. 2483 between March 25 and 27.

Big Data and the Internet of Things are the challenges facing manufacturing enterprises today, which is why global company iTAC will be focusing on them with its Enterprise MES at the APEX trade fair in Las Vegas.

Here are a few of the iTAC trade fair highlights:

- Business Intelligence Portal - A comprehensive business intelligence system for the interactive preparation of reports and dashboards from Big Data MES sources with online access to all production-relevant KPIs. Since this is a highly scalable cloud-based iTAC.MES.Suite service, mobile access via iOS or Android devices is also possible.
- Cloud-based APS - The GANTTPLAN advanced planning and scheduling software which has been fully integrated in the iTAC.MES.Suite via iTAC.ARTES middleware is now also available as a cloud-based APS solution.
- - The iTAC smart.ReceivingDevice enables the precise identification of material containers for gap-free material batch documentation and tracking.

iTAC will be demonstrating these and other Enterprise MES functions at IPC APEX EXPO 2014, booth no. 2483.

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