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Saline Lectronics, Inc. Receives $50k Alley Training Fund

SALINE, MI ― February 2014 ― Saline Lectronics, Inc., a leading electronic contract manufacturer, announces that it recently was awarded $50k in funding from Automation Alley to train new and current employees. Automation Alley awarded $1 million in technical training grants to 24 area companies through the second round of its Technical Talent Development Program Challenge Fund.

Training funds are administered by EdEn Inc., a company based at the Oakland University OU INC business incubator in Rochester that manages economic and workforce development projects. Local training providers — including corporate training companies, workforce development organizations and educational institutions — deliver training to partner employers. The specific type of training to be conducted is determined by the needs of the employer and includes industry-recognized vendor certifications for select IT occupations, such as software developers for applications, database administrators, computer specialists and computer user support specialists.

Saline Lectronics will use the grant to train employees on the latest manufacturing technologies specifically related to the emerging use of mobile and wireless components in circuit board assemblies. In addition to the company’s PCB assembly manufacturing capabilities, Saline’s other strengths include electromechanical design, DFMA and project engineering.

“As many of our customers are starting to evolve toward mobile technology in their circuit board assemblies, it is going to be crucial that our employees are trained and certified to not only build, but troubleshoot and support these advancements. The Automation Alley grant will allow us to stay ahead of the curve, and we are so excited about the opportunity,” said Jason Sciberras, Manufacturing Manager.

Since its founding in 1999, Automation Alley’s membership has grown to include nearly 1,000 businesses, educational institutions, government entities and nonprofit organizations from the city of Detroit and the surrounding eight-county region.

Automation Alley provides a variety of exclusive benefits to its members to help them succeed, including networking opportunities, meeting space and public relations tools. Automation Alley also serves the general business community in four key areas: entrepreneurial services, talent development, international business services, and defense and manufacturing. Find out  more at

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About Saline Lectronics, Inc.
Saline Lectronics, Inc. is a PCB assembly house located in Saline, Michigan. The company specializes in low to mid-volume, high-mix electronic printed circuit board assemblies. In addition to its extensive knowledge of PCB assembly manufacturing, other strengths include electromechanical design, DFM, and project engineering. For more information, visit


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