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Nordson ASYMTEK Enters Agreement with Esman Elektronik for Distribution in Turkey
CARLSBAD, CA - Nordson ASYMTEK, a Nordson company, a leader in dispensing, jetting, and coating equipment and technologies, has now entered into a distributorship agreement with Esman Elektronik to support its fluid dispensing, jetting, and conformal coating business in Turkey. Nordson ASYMTEK and Esman will display Nordson ASYMTEK's Select Coat® SL-940 Series conformal coating machine, featuring 3 applicators, and DispenseMate® tabletop dispensing system at WIN (World of Industry) Automation Conference 2014, from 19 March to 22 March 2014 in Hall 7, Booth D120, Istanbul, Turkey.

Esman Elektronik has been known as the largest supplier to the electronics industry in Turkey for years. Esman will provide sales, spare parts, application support, training, and service to Nordson ASYMTEK's dispensing and coating customers and potential customers. They have a dedicated engineering team of 35 and represent many of the world's industry leaders in electronics manufacturing equipment. Their service people are located in the three gravitational centers for electronics production in Turkey: Ankara, Anatolia, and Istanbul.

"Nordson ASYMTEK has a philosophy that competent, easily accessible, and responsive local service is one of the most important contributors to success, and even though our European office is only half a day's travel away in the Netherlands, we prefer to have local support established," said Jacques Mycke, Nordson ASYMTEK Europe's regional sales and business development manager. "Esman has a strong focus on service and is willing to invest in both human and capital resources to serve the growing Turkish market."

Nordson ASYMTEK's SL-940 features 3 applicators so it can do both spray and precision coating to cover both large and extremely small areas. The system brings powerful process control to conformal coating. The high-speed, high-accuracy coating system delivers the highest productivity for automated coating processes and powerful closed-loop process controls ensure superior coating quality.

Fan Width Control automatically adjusts for viscosity variations during the coating process and advanced processing allows for traceability. A pattern recognition system permits confirmation of accurate coating pattern positioning. Down-draft ventilation provides an efficient path for volatile organic chemical (VOC) removal. With stainless steel surfaces, the system is easy to clean and resistant to strong agents and chemicals.

The applicators include the Select Coat® SC-280 film coater for automated, selective, precision application of conformal coating materials. It improves material utilization by 30-50% in conformal coating applications and provides 99% fluid transfer efficiency quickly, repeatably, and cost effectively. It selectively coats complex circuit boards in seconds. Because the coating material is not applied in an atomized spray, but is precisely applied to the selected areas, overspray, masking, and rework are minimized or eliminated.

The SC-400 PreciseCoat® Conformal Coating Jet is used to apply coating materials to highly selective areas and is designed for coating small substrates or substrates with high-component density, or coating where there are tight tolerances between coated and uncoated areas. The jet reaches locations not accessible by other applicators. Small volumes and better control of the material deliver line widths down to 1.2 mm wide. The need for masking is eliminated because the flow is so closely controlled. Film thicknesses of 15 microns are achievable when using solvent-based materials.

Applicators on the SL-940 can have four-position tilt access to coat four sides of a part or other areas not accessible from the standard vertical approach. The Viscosity Control System maintains consistent temperature of conformal coating fluids. The system includes a heated recirculating fluid circuit to eliminate viscosity changes in temperature-responsive materials.

Besides conformal coating, Nordson ASYMTEK will demonstrate its DispenseMate benchtop dispensing system, which brings dispensing power to a compact package. The DispenseMate platform provides similar dispense control technology as Nordson ASYMTEK's most advanced dispensing systems, including closed-loop DC servo motion control, Jet-on-the-Fly jet dispense capability, and Fluidmove® for Windows software for user-intuitive programming.

About Nordson ASYMTEK

Nordson ASYMTEK, a world leader in precision automated fluid dispensing, conformal coating, and jetting technologies, designs and manufactures dispensing and coating systems, supported by an award-winning global applications and service network. Celebrating over 30 years in business, Nordson ASYMTEK is continually recognized for innovative equipment and excellent service, and is ISO 9001 certified. The company offers advanced dispensing solutions for precision assembly processes, including semiconductor packaging, printed circuit boards, LEDs, flat panel displays, medical and biotechnical devices, and solar and photovoltaic products. To find out more, visit, or

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