Thursday, April 26, 2018
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ASC International Releases New Dual Mode Inspection Platform
MEDINA, MN ASC International, a leading manufacturer of 3D solder paste inspection and automated optical inspection (AOI) systems, today announced the release of the new LineMaster DM platform. The system has undergone successful testing at numerous facilities and has been approved for release globally.

“ASC is very excited about the recent release of the LineMaster DM,” said Steve Arneson, ASC’s National Business Manager.  All indications from our current customer base have pointed towards an immediate acceptance for this “Dual Mode” capability.  The long time internal battle of manufacturers trying to decide which technology provides the most value add to the production process has now been eliminated.  By incorporating both technologies into one affordable solution, manufacturers can realize significant cost savings through the implementation of the LineMaster DM.”

The new LineMaster DM incorporates SPI and AOI into one platform for “Dual Mode” performance.  The solid AOI/SPI platform validates the overall variables associated with component placement and solder paste printing.  Combining both inspection capabilities within one platform, the LineMaster DM  detects absence/presence, polarity, OCV, misalignment, RDI and solder joint inspection for AOI and the most accurate and repeatable true 3D volumetric measurements for SPI.  Features include real-time SPC, customized data reports, offline CAD/Gerber programming and a defect repair station, all wrapped together with an affordable price tag similar to purchasing both inspection capabilities for the same price as one solution alone.

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