Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Printed Circuits, Inc. (PCi) Invests in Burkle Precision Lamination System
BLOOMINGTON, MN - Rigid-Flex circuit board manufacturer, Printed Circuits, Inc. has recently purchased and installed a new Burkle WorkCell Precision Lamination System at their facility based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The new Burkle Workcell incorporates two six opening hot presses with 30" x 30" platens in conjunction with a six opening cold press. The lamination system also includes the addition of a buffer rack, which will give PCi the ability to layup multiple books at once for lamination. Burkle’s incorporation of hot oil heaters will provide a more even distribution of heat across all platens and allow the product to be cooled under pressure at a predictable rate.

Due to the overall combined features of the latest Burkle press system, PCi will be more efficient in their lamination processes and able to produce an overall improved quality of product for their customer base.
Ken Tannehill, President and CEO, commented "We are very excited about the latest addition to our equipment purchases. We will continue to be aggressive with regards to adding new state-of-the-art equipment where it is needed. Our customers deserve the very best and that is what we will give them.

Printed Circuits, Inc. has utilized Burkle Lamination systems for the past 20 years. National Sales Manager, Bob Burns comments, “The fact that we have used the same presses continuously for 20 years shows the quality and reliability of the products Burkle builds. When making the decision to invest in a new system it was hard to overlook that consistency. Our hope is that the installation of these new presses will improve speed and quality, allowing us to deliver an even better PCB with the fastest lead time possible.”

For more information on Printed Circuit, Inc.’s services please call or e-mail Bob Burns at (952) 886-9307 or Bburns@PrintedCircuits.com and visit them on the web at www.PrintedCircuits.com.

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