Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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New EtherCAT products from Balluff
FLORENCE, KY - Balluff now offers a strong portfolio of EtherCAT products including: linear position transducers, network blocks, network cables, indicator lights, RFID read/write heads, tags, and processors.

When implementing EtherCAT into automation equipment, Balluff adds a unique set of benefits to the existing portfolio in the market. Whether you are in assembly automation, packaging, plastics, research, energy or any other industry, there is a need for tracking and communicating data. Requirements demand flexibility for change down the road, which Balluff brings with linear position monitoring, traceability and distributed modular I/O.

Traceability with EtherCAT
Traceability is the act of documenting every step in a process chain. Manufacturers use this information to gain visibility to achieve on-time delivery, lean manufacturing, enhanced quality and regulatory compliance. It is also used to track assets, logistics and material movement. Traceability can be easily implemented over EtherCAT in a variety of ways. Using RFID systems native on EtherCAT with proven technology from Balluff makes traceability easy to integrate into any system or process.

Distributed Modular I/O over EtherCAT
Distributed Modular I/O with IO-Link gives EtherCAT access to many powerful technologies already available on the market from a variety of vendors. The universal, smart and easy IO-Link technology works like USB for industrial automation and is easily configured in the engineering software with simple byte selections. Key Balluff technologies available with IO-Link are: RFID, non-contact couplers, valve manifold connectors, the Smart Light indicator and smart sensors like linear transducers and pressure sensors.

Position Monitoring with EtherCAT
Position monitoring is a key technology utilized in automation designs. This is a necessity when working in precise and synchronized applications and EtherCAT is an ideal network for this. Linear transducers can be used to provide closed loop motion control on the distributed clock or provide basic position measurement for applications that don't require closed loop control. Balluff offers linear transducers for mounting inside a hydraulic cylinder or externally mounting adjacent to the axis of motion.

EtherCAT is an open industrial Ethernet protocol, with unlimited options for I/O, and the most options for motion applications. It's also the fastest industrial Ethernet technology, making it the ideal choice for automation applications requiring short cycle times, predictable performance, and synchronized operations.

For more information on Balluff's EtherCAT solutions, visit: http://www.balluff.us/ethercat

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