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Aven Adds Miruc Optical Products As Only North American Distributor

ANN ARBOR, MI – Feb. 21, 2014 – Aven, Inc. has become the exclusive North American supplier of  precision industrial and laboratory products from Miruc Optical Co., Ltd. of Tokyo.

Miruc, established in 1963, is an innovative manufacturer of dovetail stages, monocular microscopes, video lenses and vacuum pens.

“This alliance with a developer of high-quality production instruments expands our product lines significantly,” says Mike Shahpurwala, Aven founder and president. "It puts Aven in a unique position to help customers cut costs and increase efficiency in electronics fabrication, automated assembly, inspection, failure analysis and bioscience.” 

Products in these four categories are added to Aven’s online catalog:

  • Dovetail Stages: These sliding units create fixtures (platforms) for mounting, positioning and alignment. Driven by rack and pinion, they allow rapid, stable positioning of parts or products for inspection, tooling and machining processes at different increments with fine tolerances. Scopes also can be clamped on for quality control analysis. Miruc’s extensive array of stages allow more than 10,000 combinations.
  • Monocular Scopes: Compact monocular scopes are suited for critical inspection, image measurement, setting machine tools and other purposes.
  • Image Recognition Lenses:Miruc provides a wide range of video lenses for customized, high-magnification inspection -- including telecentric and macro lenses.
  • Vacuum Pens: These handy one-touch tools are an alternative to tweezers for moving and positioning sensitive components without scratches, lint or fingerprints. They’re practical for work with semiconductors, other electronics, timepieces and precious metals. Advantages include more efficient workflow and reduced operator fatigue. Varied tip attachments -- such as a rubber pad, syringe or spatula -- can be interchanged for different applications. The pens, attached to piped air or a vacuum pump, can do double-duty as a cleaner to remove dust or microscopic particles. In discharge mode, they can blow air to cool components or clear work surfaces.
Aven will display selected Miruc products at Booth 4116 of Pittcon from March 2-6 at McCormick Place in Chicago.  

For more information, call (734) 973-0099. A digital catalog is at

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