Thursday, March 23, 2017
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Hamamatsu Intros New Thermopile Detectors
Thermopile detectors.
Bridgewater, NJ — New from Hamamatsu Corporation are thermopiles that offer high sensitivity to mid-infrared wavelengths, making them suitable detectors for gas analysis and temperature distribution measurements. Thermopiles are available in single-element, dual-element, and array configurations.

The company's Single- and dual-element thermopiles provide high sensitivity suitable for measuring concentrations of various gases. The T11262-01 single-element thermopile that is sensitive to 3-5µm wavelengths, a spectral range where gases (carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur oxides, etc.) have signature spectral emissions. The T11722-01 dual-element thermopile is especially designed for measuring carbon dioxide concentrations. It allows simultaneous measurement of carbon dioxide at 4.3µm and a reference at 3.9µm.

Thermopiles with linear and area array configurations are also available. The T11263 series are linear arrays with 16 or 32 channels, and the T11264-08 is an 8 x 8 channel array. These arrays operate with 5V supply voltage, have an integrated CMOS signal processing circuit, and are sensitive to mid-IR wavelengths from 5µm to approximately 20µm. They are appropriate for measuring the temperature distribution of objects.

Contact: Hamamatsu Corporation, 360 Foothill Road, Box 6910, Bridgewater, NJ 08807-0910 908-231-0960 fax: 908-231-1218 Web:


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