Friday, June 22, 2018
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ACL Intros Newest Rework and Repair Aerosol
Aerosol cleaning products.
Chicago, IL — ACL has introduced its newest commercial category of electronics rework and repair aerosol chemistry innovations. The new line includes innovative high performance contact cleaners, electronic degreasers, flux removers, conformal coating, and precision dusters and freeze sprays.
The company's complete line of high purity solvents are made for critical cleaning and degreasing of electronics, electrical assemblies, and sensitive components. Each precision rinse cleaning agent possesses special properties suited to specific applications — from precision cleaning of solvent-sensitive components to degreasing of electrical and electronic equipment: printed circuit boards, electronics and electrical equipment, circuit breakers, precision measurement devices/meters, and electronic controls. ACL Flux Out Flux Removers can be sprayed in any direction and are specially formulated to remove all types of rosin (types R, RA and RMA), no-clean, water-soluble and synthetic (type SA) flux.

Contact: ACL Incorporated, 840 W. 49th Place, Chicago, IL 60609 800-782-8420 or 847-981-9212 fax: 847-981-9278 E-mail: Web:

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