Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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SSEC Thick-Film Removal Processes to 2 Major Manufacturers
Thick-film removal system.
Horsham, PA — Solid State Equipment LLC (SSEC), a provider of single-wafer wet processing systems for advanced packaging (including 2.5D and 3D-ICs), MEMS, and compound semiconductor markets, has placed its WaferStorm platform at a leading foundry in Asia as well as a major US integrated device manufacturer (IDM). In both cases, the systems were selected for their thick-film removal capabilities, which provide residue-free removal of difficult thick-film photoresists and dry films at a low cost of ownership. The WaferStorm Thick-Film Remover combines heated chemistries and proprietary soak-and-spray at high pressure for rapid and complete removal of stubborn thick-film residue. The soak step uses heated solvents throughout the buffer cycle time. After softening the thick resist in the soak, the wafers are transferred to the single-wafer spray station where they are exposed to high-pressure fan sprays with heated solvents for rapid removal of thick-film residue. This combination ensures thorough removal and increased throughput.

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