Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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PVA Adds Jet Dispensing
Jet dispensing valve in action.
Cohoes, NY — PVA (Precision Valve & Automation, Inc.) has introduced its new JDX Jet Dispense Valve, for faster, more precise, and time-saving dispensing. The new valve is an extremely fast (up to 300 drops/sec), non-contact jet dispenser that precisely dispenses viscosities up to 400,000 cps.
With the JDX, even difficult-to-work-with fluids can be precisely dispensed in volumes as small as 10 nanoliters. The JDX reportedly offers exceptional repeatability, and with no z-axis movement to slow the valve down, it can move swiftly and easily to jet into even awkward, hard-to-reach areas. Drops can even be dispensed into areas with clearance as small as 300µm.

The key to the JDX is the distinctive design that uses an easily replaceable diaphragm that eliminates the dynamic fluid seals common in other jets. This design leaves the JDX with only two easy-to-clean pieces, the diaphragm and nozzle plate, and without the extended down time needed for other valves to disassemble, clean and replace worn seals.

The JDX dispenses a wide range of fluids such as underfill, coatings, adhesives, epoxies and lubricants for micro coating, medical device, LED assembly, underfill and die bonding. The valve integrates onto all of the company's coating/dispensing platforms.

Contact: PVA Precision Valve & Automation, Inc., One Mustang Drive, Cohoes, NY 12047 518-371-2684 E-mail: info@pva.net Web:

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