Thursday, May 24, 2018
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MicroCare Intros VOC-Free Flux Remover
Flux remover with TriggerGrip.
Cargovil, Vilvoorde, Belgium — MicroCare Corporation's new VOC-Free Flux Remover-UltraClean complies with international environmental regulations by using an all-new halogen-free, non-chlorinated formula that contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It is also packaged in a GHS-compliant dispenser with safety phrases translated in 14 languages. This ensures EU REACH compliance and an easy fit into mandatory hazard communication training programs.

Packaged in a convenient aerosol, it is tailored to perfectly clean flux, paste and oils typically found in electronics production lines. The cleaner may be dispensed directly from the aerosol can, or to further reduce costs and enhance cleaning performance; it can be dispensed using the MicroCare TriggerGrip cleaning system. The VOC-Free Flux Remover cleans rosin fluxes, synthetic fluxes, "no-clean" fluxes as well as hard-to-clean solder pastes used to assemble and manufacture of printed circuit boards. Suitable for rework and repair tasks, it also cleans fingerprints, moisture, dust and airborne contamination frequently found on circuit boards taken out of service for warranty or maintenance work.

Contact: MicroCare Corp., 595 John Downey Drive, New Britain, CT 06051 800-638-0125 or 860-827-0626 fax: 860-827-8105 Web:

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