Saturday, June 23, 2018
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MEK Launches New AOI Technology
AOI system uses new technology.
Oirschot, The Netherlands — Mek Europe BV, formerly known as Marantz Business Electronics, has launched new additions to its stable of AOI systems. The new FDAz inspection head enables 9 Camera AOI with Tilt-Shift and Telecentric optics with automatic Z-axis. One of several configurations within the company's PowerSpector series, the FDAz provides significant new capabilities and operating benefits. One top camera alone is rarely enough to get optimal visual access to all objects of today's and tomorrow's PCBs, so Mek uses nine-camera technology for enhanced visual coverage on objects hidden from single orthogonal cameras. The nine cameras (one orthogonal and eight side-capturing) are used simultaneously, minimizing inspection times.

Eight Side cameras in 10µ resolution with Tilt-Shift optics technology — familiar in architectural photography — reduce image distortion to enable the best capture possible. A movable head in Z-Axis brings objects into optimal focus and position, independent of PCB thickness or warping. In combination with the HD 18.75µ or 10µ resolution top camera with Telecentric optics and special multiplexed 8x CameraLink side camera technology, unprecedented defect visibility is achieved.

Side cameras are often used for defect verification, but Mek side cameras are also able to automatically inspect components and find defects. Increasingly popular 45° space-saving circuitry designs can now be inspected with 10µm resolution side cameras. The exact 45° angled wide view provides visual access to points that were previously thought impossible to view. Side view sensors support inspection, classification and repair along with an automatic 8-fold Microscope (50x) function for visualization of defects.

Contact: MEK Europe BV, PO Box 12, 5688 ZG Oirschot, The Netherlands +31 40 71 14 111 E-mail: Web:

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